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    Keep Your TV Remote From Wandering Away With These Three Tips

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 31, 2014. Posted in Magnavox tv remote, Tv remote controls replacement, Universal remote codes

    Replacement remote controls

    TV remote controls seem to know how much we depend on them, and they always seem to know the absolute worst time to go missing. You probably tend to assume that any missing remote is just hiding in your couch cushions, because that’s actually the number one spot where lost remotes go to live. But every time you think to check there, the remote has moved elsewhere. Every time you think “Nah, it’s never where I’d think to look first,” and so you spend an entire hour tearing apart your whole house looking for it, just to find out that yep, it was buried in the couch the whole time.

    As embarrassing as this problem seems, you’re not alone at all. The average American TV watcher is estimated to spend about two weeks looking for lost TV remote controls in one lifetime. (And everything

    3 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 17, 2014. Posted in Adjustable beds electric, Bed comfort, Natural ways to sleep better

    Best adjustable mattress

    Missing out on sleep can lead to more serious problems than yawning or needing an extra cup of coffee the next morning; not getting deep, restful sleep can have serious health consequences. But people with chronic sleeping problems often don’t know that simple lifestyle changes can often help them get to sleep more easily and sleep more soundly. Here are a few ideas to try if you’ve had trouble sleeping:

    1. Reschedule Your Eating

      Americans typically eat small breakfasts (or skip the meal altogether), moderate lunches and large dinners. There are numerous reasons dieticians recommend changing this habit, but few people know that better eating patterns can help you get better sleep, as well. Try eating a smaller dinner, reallocating those calories (if you need them) ea

    Caring for Your Parents on Your Own? Try Exploring Senior Care Options in Your Area

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 16, 2014. Posted in Assisted living az, Dedicated senior care, Senior behavioral care

    Dedicated senior care

    Have you been caring for your parents at home? If so, this situation is probably not optimal for you or them. When one or both of your parents have aged and they can no longer take care of themselves, you may have moved them into your home, maybe in an in-law apartment. But caring for your parents on your own can turn into a full-time job, and the stress could wear both you and them down.

    However, today there are elder care solutions that can address the needs of senior citizens and can give you and your parents peace of mind. By placing your parents or other adult relatives into an assisted living home or another type of independent senior housing, your mom and dad can

    Three Ways to Figure Out What to Donate

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 14, 2014. Posted in Charities for military families, Military families, Organizations that accept clothing donations

    Donate clothes

    We all know it’s important to make charitable donations, but few people actually know what types of things are worth donating. Most people just throw a bunch of old clothes into bags or boxes and then send them off, regardless of the stains, damage, and mold that may be on them.

    These clothing donations are not only useless, but also waste the time of those sorting them. Instead of getting other charitable donations ready to be given away or sold, volunteers and workers have to pick through what can be used and what should get tossed, and then throw

    Three of the Most Common Misconceptions People Have About Bed Bugs

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 6, 2014. Posted in Bed bugs in atlanta, Heat treatment for bed bugs, Thermal bed bug treatment

    Thermal remediation for bed bugs

    Most people think that they know a thing or two about bed bugs, but according to professional bed bug treatment providers, the things they believe are oftentimes really myths. Here are a few of the most common clarifications professional bed bug treatment services say people need.

    Bed Bugs Can Live Just About Anywhere.

    Bed bugs don’t only live in cities, hotels, or motels, they can survive just about anywhere, even in family homes, hospitals, schools, public transportation, or offices. According to one recent study, 89% of professional bed bug treatment providers say that bed bugs most commonly live in single family homes.

    The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments Are Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatments.

    Yep, you read that right. Bombing the bugs with

    Five Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 3, 2014. Posted in Corporate events planning, Event planning miami, Miami wedding venue

    Best banquet halls in miami

    Did you know that an average of nearly $72 billion is spent on weddings every year in the United States? Of the millions of ceremonies that make up this figure, an estimated 30% have seven to 12 months of planning behind them, perfecting every detail of one of the most important moments of two people’s lives. But while this amount of preparation is typically necessary and logical, it can be extremely difficult and stressful in practice. After all, there are a number of things to consider and decide on, from the venue to the food. Fortunately, working with a wedding planner can often take a significant amount of stress out of what should be an exciting process. Some Continue Reading | No Comments

    A Brief History of the TV Remote Control

    Written by Family Video Coupon on October 1, 2014. Posted in Panasonic remote control replacement, Replacement remote, Replacement television remote controls

    Universal remote codes

    Can you imagine having to get up and go over to the TV every time you want to change the channel or increase or decrease the volume? Unless you have lost your audio and TV remotes and are waiting for replacement remote controls to arrive, you probably never do this. Believe it or not, however, this used to be the reality of watching television. Way back in the early days of television, before TV remote controls existed, people would have to get up every time they wanted to change the channel or volume. Luckily this didn’t last for long thanks to inventors who started to work on a solution to this problem.

    The First TV Remote Controls

    The very first remote control was created