Three of the Most Common Misconceptions People Have About Bed Bugs


Thermal remediation for bed bugs

Most people think that they know a thing or two about bed bugs, but according to professional bed bug treatment providers, the things they believe are oftentimes really myths. Here are a few of the most common clarifications professional bed bug treatment services say people need.

Bed Bugs Can Live Just About Anywhere.

Bed bugs don’t only live in cities, hotels, or motels, they can survive just about anywhere, even in family homes, hospitals, schools, public transportation, or offices. According to one recent study, 89% of professional bed bug treatment providers say that bed bugs most commonly live in single family homes.

The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatments Are Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatments.

Yep, you read that right. Bombing the bugs with bad chemicals isn’t the most effective way to kill the pests. Instead, it’s much better to use an organic bed bug treatment, like heat. Bed bugs and their eggs can hide in tiny, minuscule places where chemicals can’t reach, but using a natural bed bug treatment to heat a space to 140 degrees for two hours — a temperature past what they can survive — can effectively kill the parasites and their eggs no matter where they’re hiding.

Bed Bug Bites Aren’t So Easily Identifiable.

Believe it or not, many other insects’ bites resemble bed bug bites, so if you wake up in the morning bitten, bed bugs may not be your problem, professional bed bug treatment services say. Only the presence of living bed bugs or the discovery of their eggs will confirm a bed bug infestation.

Speaking of finding them in your bed, you need to get in touch with a professional bed bug treatment service if these fiendish parasites have invaded your living space. Without their help, you’ll find your situation getting worse and worse.

If you have any questions about professional bed bug treatments, feel free to ask in the comments. Find more on this here.

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