Three Ways to Figure Out What to Donate


Donate clothes

We all know it’s important to make charitable donations, but few people actually know what types of things are worth donating. Most people just throw a bunch of old clothes into bags or boxes and then send them off, regardless of the stains, damage, and mold that may be on them.

These clothing donations are not only useless, but also waste the time of those sorting them. Instead of getting other charitable donations ready to be given away or sold, volunteers and workers have to pick through what can be used and what should get tossed, and then throw it all away.

Instead of just throwing everything in your closet into a box, regardless of condition, you should be more selective. Here are a few tips to help.

Divide Your Clothes Into Two Piles.

First things first, you’re going to want to divide your clothes into two piles: the pile you keep, and the pile you make charitable donations out of. Go through your closets and dresser drawers and put the clothes you haven’t worn in over a year into one pile, and the clothes you wear all the time into another.

Go Through the Things You Haven’t Worn in a Year.

Now, go through that pile of neglect and see what clothes are actually worth donating. If it’s in good condition, you can donate it. If it’s stained, torn, ripped, ragged, or barely wearable, don’t put it in your charitable donations.

Consider Donating the Items That Are Most In-Demand.

In addition to the one year rule, you may also want to make charitable donations of the clothes that are most in demand. Items like jeans, quality shoes, professional clothing, and accessories are all much-needed donations.

If you donate clothes, make sure they’re clothes worth wearing. Using this one year rule is a good guide to help you make charitable donations that are actually charitable.

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