Caring for Your Parents on Your Own? Try Exploring Senior Care Options in Your Area


Dedicated senior care

Have you been caring for your parents at home? If so, this situation is probably not optimal for you or them. When one or both of your parents have aged and they can no longer take care of themselves, you may have moved them into your home, maybe in an in-law apartment. But caring for your parents on your own can turn into a full-time job, and the stress could wear both you and them down.

However, today there are elder care solutions that can address the needs of senior citizens and can give you and your parents peace of mind. By placing your parents or other adult relatives into an assisted living home or another type of independent senior housing, your mom and dad can have access to medical care and assistance with daily activities. They also get to stay active and socialize with other seniors, which is great for their well-being.

Here are some of the features of the various senior living options available today:

Assisted and Independent Living
Depending upon the health of your parent or parents, you will know which type of facility needed to provide the highest level of care. Assisted living facilities often include round-the-clock care and are more geared toward helping with day-to-day activities. Some 50% of all one million residents in assisted living are over the age of 85, so this is a good option for older seniors. Independent living, however, lets seniors go about their days on their own, and this type of housing usually include private residences rather than more shared spaces. Evaluate the needs of your parents when deciding which type of senior living they need.

For-Profit vs Non-Profit Senior Care
When it comes to the price of caring for your parents, this can be one of the biggest factors when you choose senior housing. Each type of care can include both assisted and independent living. For-profit senior care has both of those but may be more focused on independent living. Many for-profit senior homes include a more upscale atmosphere and sometimes have a “spa” feel to them. Assisted living homes are typically, but not always non-profit; these types of homes may be run by churches, religious organizations, or charities.

Other Care Options
Did you know that Alzheimer’s is one of the top 10 conditions that seniors in assisted living deal with? If you need memory care for seniors for one or both parents, make sure to find the right facility to meet his or her needs. Because almost half of all seniors have two or more chronic health problems, such as memory problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer, it’s crucial to find the facility that will provide care for all of these conditions and keep your loved ones comfortable.

Have more questions about selecting senior housing? Be sure to speak with your parents about what they would like from a senior living facility. Feel free to leave a comment below with questions or suggestions about senior care. More info like this.

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