Why You Should Keep Your Crafting Space Organized


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Organizing your home can have insurmountable benefits. After all, who likes to come home to a messy house? Certainly not many of us. A messy house can make us feel unproductive and unkempt, not put together and disorganized. In fact, it can give our whole lives a sense of disorganization, and make us feel off kilter. For those of us who work at home, a disorganized house can make life even harder. Fortunately, there are many ways to organize a home, from a file bench to a white cube organizer, from a three drawer organizer to stackable furniture cubes, the organization furniture and solutions are truly endless.

For those who partake in crafting, organization is key. Crafting is a widely popular hobby, particularly for younger women (80% of crafters have been found to be female and only 28% of the crafting population is over the age of 55). It’s estimated that there are over 20 million quilters in the United States alone, and this number doesn’t even account for other types of crafting. And nowadays, with the advent of websites like Etsy, crafting can be far more than a hobby. In fact, the majority of sellers surveyed by Etsy consider their crafts and what they sell to be part of a business, not just a past time. Crafting has even been shown to relieve depression, as it releases dopamine which has a calming effect and left study participants feeling happy after participating in a craft.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to keep a craft space neat and organized for maximum happiness a productivity. A file bench, for example, can help to fully utilize a small space. A file bench can help to store important business documents or papers while doubling as a comfortable piece of furniture for the crafter. Scrapbook storage drawers can also be incredibly helpful for storing scrapbooking materials. A mobile craft organizer can help the crafter isolate the materials they need and keep the rest of their materials out of the way. Hanging craft storage can also benefit a small crafting room or set up, maximizing ceiling space and leaving more room available for the actual crafting to take place.

No matter why or where you craft, be it as a hobby or as a profession, things like a file bench or stacking cubes can help to organize your space and help you be as productive and calm as possible.

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