Four Advantaging of Hiring Moving Help


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Moving can be both exciting and tiresome. You are excited about the possibilities of a new city, but tired and stressed about the physical process of moving. Moving is a huge task that requires many hours of organization, boxing, loading, unloading, and physical labor. Hiring local movers can make your move easier and remove the added stress that is often associated with moving. Hiring moving help offers you the following advantages.

The ability to enjoy a stress free move
Many people choose to move for a positive reason. Perhaps they got a new job in the big city. Maybe they recently got married and just closed on their first new house together. Some college students pack up their bedroom and move into the world for the first time. When you have to focus on packing, loading, and unloading, it can easily turn your exciting move into something that is filled with stress. Using moving help removes that stress from the experience.

The ability to move heavy items
Heavy furniture is often one of the hardest parts of moving. Not only do you have to find a vehicle that is large enough to carry it, but you also have to enlist the help of friends or family to carry it. If you have multiple furniture pieces, this can make moving extremely difficult. Hiring a furniture delivery company will make the entire move easier. The furniture movers will carefully load your large furniture pieces, transport them to your new location, and then carry them into your house. Furniture deliver drivers will actually bring the furniture piece to the exact location in your house you want it to be.

To protect your identity
You take so many steps to protect your identity, signing up for monitoring services, using a pin code on your credit card, and immediately shredding all of your important documents. Yet, people tend to get careless when they move. They are going through so many documents that they simply throw items out. Throwing out large quantities of items can actually raise a red flag and alert local criminals to look for items of value, including your personal information.

Not only do commercial movers protect all of your household furniture, but they also protect your confidential information. Some moving companies will also provide you with new city information packets. These packets inform you of how to change your locks, important information about your new city, and information such as how to change your address. If you do not submit a change of address 14 days prior to your move, your mail could end up in the wrong hands. This can cause your personal information to be comprised if others get in your mail without your knowledge.

To insure your valuable items
Of course, you can enlist the help of your college friends that owe you a favor to move your most valuable items. But, what happens if they drop and break your large screen TV? You are forced to go out and buy a new one, which can get quite expensive. You cannot really ask them to cover the cost because they were helping you out. When you hire moving help, you are hiring a company that is licensed and bonded. If damage occurs to any of your valuable items, they will be replaced, free of charge.

The average American moves about 12 times in their life. Moving can get expensive and tiresome. In fact, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of an intrastate move is $1,170. Fortunately, with moving help, you can take the stress out of your move, protect your confidential information and valuables, and not have to worry about the logistics of moving heavy items.

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