Where’s the Party?


Tent accessories and furniture

It’s difficult to plan a college graduation from 12 hours away, but it can be done. When your oldest daughter moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, for college you did not realize that this would mean planning a graduation party from a distance. But, here it is four years later, and you need to find a way to celebrate her accomplishment.
Luckily, she has made quite a few friends during her four year stay 12 hours from home so she does have a family who has offered to host the party at their home. You have offered to take care of the necessary rentals for the backyard party: table renting , chair and chair cover rentals, and tent rentals and tent accessories.
Whether you are planning a celebration in your own backyard, or a party a day’s travel distance from your home, being able to rent party supplies over the telephone or over the internet can make the organizing much easier. Planning a party includes many details that can not happen until the day of the party like food preparation, but it also includes many details that can be taken care of ahead of time. Chair cover rentals, and other similar details are as simple as a phone call. Even the delivery for both set up and take down can be scheduled months in advance, so you can spend your big day enjoying the celebration.
Like weddings, more and more people are planning their high school and college graduation celebrations outside. Allowing room for more seating and mingling, an outside party also requires planning ahead for everything from weather and darkness.
Chair cover rentals can make even the most basic seating options look special, but also protects guests from seating that is either too hot or too cold. Heaters for tents and sides that can be dropped can protect your guests from cold or rainy weather. Unusual, but exciting LED furniture can create extra light, while also creating fun gathering centers away from the food table, dance area, or bar. Whether you are looking for a fun lightening option around a pool deck or on the patio, LED furniture will impress your guests and make for some very fun photographic memories.
When is your next big party? Have you started the planning, or are you just collecting ideas? Organizing a party, whether it is close to home or hours away, takes a lot of planning. One of the most successful ways to plan for your big event is to make as many of the decisions early in the process. By making deposits on rental needs you not only make sure you can get exactly what you want, you can also spread the spending out during the months before the party begins. Why not get started now?

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