3 Advantages of Living Below the Mason-Dixon


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As the years go by, the South is seeing more migration of people from the North. Warmer weather and promising job prospects have Yankees flocking without fail. Most people feel a loyalty to the area they grew up in, especially if it’s different than the one they currently reside. But by putting your hometown pride aside, you can come to truly enjoy the southern states and everything they have to offer. Let’s take a look at the advantages of living below the Mason-Dixon line:

Weather: If you hail from the Northeast or Midwest, you’re no stranger to harsh winters and sub-zero temperatures. While snow bunnies may enjoy the recreation-value of near-constant snowfall and dipping temperatures, most residents would rather live without it. Aside from creating dangerous conditions to live and drive in, inclement weather makes it difficult to participate in outdoor activities due to the severe cold. For the aging population, this is often a key aspect of moving towards a warmer climate. With Generation X accounting for more than 27% of new home sales, it can only be expected that a large number of those home will be in a warm area.

Culture/History: The culture of the South is one of manners and hospitality. You are more likely to see someone helping a complete stranger in a grocery store than you are to not see such a thing. Aside from relentless propriety, the South offers a rich cultural history that boasts centuries of change. In fact, the first public college, museum and playhouse ever were built in Charleston, South Carolina.

Relaxed Lifestyle: As indicated by their drawl, most southerners enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, made complete by sweet tea and long talks. The pace of life is much slower down there, making for a great place to retire. Many older folks who love the outdoors and living life on the water are choosing to spend their retirement in low country. It’s ideal for a laid-back lifestyle, complete with a waterfront and low country vibe.

Almost half of retirees surveyed report being happier in retirement than they expected to be, perhaps in part due to a relaxed lifestyle afforded to them by the South. If you are nearing retirement age or are simply looking for a change, don’t forego the South as a viable option. It may be different than your norm but it can become your new happy place.

Have you spent time in the South as a Northerner? What are your thoughts about living in the South? Sound off in the comments below!

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