Adjust the Way You Sleep With Adjustable Beds


Mattress for adjustable beds

It can often feel like there are too few hours in a day. Between working or studying, taking care of your family, cleaning the house, engaging in exercise and other hobbies, our days tend to be full from sun up to sun down. And unfortunately, the one area of our life that we really tend to neglect is sleep. Even when we do sleep, we may not be getting the full benefits of our sleep that we really deserve, thanks to uncomfortable beds or beds that are improper for our bodies. A flat mattress actually can be terrible for people who suffer from chronic pain anyway and they may want to look into an adjustable bed. Sometimes it’s not enough having the space of say, a full or queen bed, you actually need support too!
Why Is Sleep So Important?
Sleeping is crucial to your health, mood, and overall functioning. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people who report good to excellent health and a satisfying quality of life say they sleep as little as 18 to 23 minutes more than someone who reports good or even poor quality of life and health. It’s amazing how even 20 minutes can change your life! Adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep every night to feel at their best, whether it’s on a twin or a queen bed! Unfortunately, almost 45% of people don’t get the restful and proper night’s sleep that they deserve and over 90% of Americans polled say that they wake up at least once during the night either consistently or intermittently. Sleep is when your body recharges and goes to work healing any problems that may have come up during the day. It works more efficiently when you’re not putting additional stress on it. Getting a good night’s sleep can also help people be more cheerful and positive, and will increase productivity during the day.
What Can Adjustable Bed Systems Do For Me?
An adjustable bed has many various factors that can benefit your sleep habits. For one thing, it (as the name might suggest), adjusts at the foot or head of the bed, bringing you into a bit of an incline. Think of it as resting like on the couch! Your sleep position will also change and become more stable. Did you know, for example, that many times we shift so much in our sleep because we’re putting extra pressure or stress on certain parts of our body? We’re unconsciously trying to relieve that pressure by moving it to a different area of the body. An adjustable bed supports your body. You may see your sleep quality improve, especially since you’re not waking up in pain or not getting a good night’s sleep because of it. Some adjustable beds come with heat or massage options for people who really suffer from chronic pain. (They can be a nice bonus for those who don’t as well!)
They come in all sizes, such as a queen bed or double bed size, so you don’t have to sacrifice the space you’re used to. In fact, you can be even more comfortable!

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