Where Will Your Parents and Grandparents Live When They Can No Longer Stay in Their Own Home?


senior living optionsWhen there is snow, we go!

Your neighbor chuckled as he shared his new motto. As the winds were picking up and the temperatures were dropping, the forecast also included two to four inches of snow in the overnight forecast. Your neighbors, however, who are a couple in their 60s and 70s, will not be shoveling any snow tomorrow morning. Instead, they are getting ready to leave for the airport where they will board a plane for their second home. A large ranch style home on a golf course outside of Phoenix. The couple flew back to their midwest home a week ago so that they could attend some of their grandson’s basketball games, but as soon as the forecast indicated snow they booked their return tickets.

With a winter full of rounds of golf and sets of tennis, your neighbors are living the dream. They stay in the midwest from the end of April to the beginning of October, but the chase the warmth to the west during the other months. There latest motto, when there is snow, we go, is a motto that many Americans can only dream of. And while you wish your neighbors the best, you will remain in the cold and deal with the reality of a different set of circumstances for your own parents. While your neighbor is delivering you a half carton of eggs, a banana, and a refrigerated box of easy to bake apple turnovers that they do not want to go to waste when they leave for the airport, you wonder how your parents can find a way to get the necessities that they need in their small town with no grocery store.

In the past, your parents made the easy 30 minute drive to the closest grocery store two or three times a week, but recent indicators that both of your parents’ health and memories are failing have limited even these most necessary trips.

Is Your Family Looking for Senior Living Options for Your Parents of Grandparents
Living a long live is the goal of many. When, however, that long life includes memory loss and health concerns some of the goals have to be readjusted. Although some aging adults find themselves successfully living at home well into their 90s, some families are faced with the task of finding senior living options at a much younger age. If your parents or grandparents are showing signs that they will not be able to live in their own home much longer have you started looking at senior living options or assisted living services?

It may come as no surprise that for many elderly Americans, the concern over their future can be great. In fact, a study by Genworth Financial indicated that at least 55% of all respondents 55% reported that their greatest fear regarding a long-term care illness or event was being a burden on their family. This 55% often also reported being five times more worried about being a burden than about dying. A telling statistic for a society that is seeing an increase every year in the number of elderly.

For these reasons, and many others, many families start planning and discussing the options for types of retirement homes and other senior living options long before they are needed. For every family that begins this discussion early, however, two of three other families never have these discussions.

Planning for the Future Can Help Your Parents Deal with Future Changes
In a recent Money survey of its readers, 48% retirees indicated that they are happier in retirement than they expected. This same survey also indicated that 81% of retirees cited their good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement. What, however, should you do it good health is not a given for your parents or grandparents? The fact of the matter is that more than 75% of assisted living residents have had at least two of the most common 10 chronic conditions, with high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias being the most prevalent.

For families of elders who are dealing with memory care issues it is important to consider all of the best available options. air max 95 air max 95 air max 95

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