Are You Sleep-Deprived? Take Action!


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Are you aware that in the United States, there are between 50-to-70 million adults with some type of sleep disorder? Approximately 30% of the individuals that participated in a recent survey reported that they have occasional insomnia, while ten percent claimed to experience chronic insomnia.

Even though nearly half of all Americans aren’t receiving enough sleep on a regular basis, less than half of these individuals take any action to address this issue. This is interesting to note, particularly because 80% of the participants claimed that being sleep-deprived has an adverse effect on their ability to concentrate. Furthermore, these individuals also reported increased stress as a result of ongoing sleep issues.

Some people may fall asleep unintentionally during the day when they experience occasional or chronic insomnia. Approximately 37.9% of the survey’s participants reported that this happened to them at least once during the month prior to the survey. When considering personal and public safety, having enough sleep can be critical. Nearly five percent of the survey participants reported that they fell asleep while driving at least once during the past month.

In general, men appear to be able to sleep better than women, according to the same survey. While 53% of the female participants reported that they didn’t get enough sleep, only 44% of the male participants said they had insufficient sleep. For those individuals that did have enough sleep, 47% said they slept on a comfortable mattress. Other measures they took to ensure a good night’s sleep included going to bed and getting up on a regular schedule.

If you’re having trouble getting comfortable at night or otherwise having issues with sleeping, you may need a new mattress. In general, mattresses tend to last for around seven years. If your’s is about that age or older, it’s probably time to purchase a new luxury mattress.

When you have sleep issues, you want the best double sided mattress. A double-sided, top foam mattress is considered to be quite comfortable, and one of the best types of mattresses. Given the results of a recent survey, 92% of the participants stated that having a comfortable mattress makes a difference in how well they sleep.

Purchasing a quality double sided mattress, or the best double sided mattress, can make a difference in how well you sleep at night. This is particularly the case when you have a bad back and need a pressure relieving mattress.

Once you begin sleeping on the best double sided mattress, you will notice how much more comfortable it is. When you have a comfortable mattress, creating a consistent time to go to sleep and rise refreshed in the morning will be so much easier.

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