Do You Use a Golf Cart in Your Neighborhood or on Your Property?


Pre-owned golf carts

Independence is a good thing. In fact, it is difficult to rate how important it is to be in a situation of being able to take care of yourself. One of the main transitions that leads to independence for many people is the opportunity to drive. City kids often struggle with this transition as they learn to navigate the buy interstates and highways to get any where. Perhaps, in this approach, the youngest drivers from small towns often have a head. start. From learning to drive on empty streets while they learn to master the fine touch between an acceleration pedal and a brake pedal to being able to practice early driving skills on tractors in the fields or running errands on a four wheeler of a refurbished golf cart. In fact, many people who visit golf cart dealers are in search of a purchase that allows drivers of all ages to stay independent, as well as a purchase that provides convenience.

  • Golf carts with cargo boxes have an average capacity of about 370 pounds. And while this can vary from model to model, the convenience of having the room and power to store items beyond the passengers means that they are a viable option for many people.
  • On average, a golf cart is four feet wide, eight feet long, six feet high. Other larger sizes are available for specialized purposes. For instance, college campuses that use golf carts for tours can have extended bodies that hold three or four rows of seats.
  • Looking at a golf cart dealer lot or showroom allows buyers to see a number of options in a variety of price ranges. With prices ranging from $3,000 for basic models to $30,000 for luxury models, a buyer can usually find something to fit any budget. Not surprising, golf cart dealers also often many used or refurbished golf carts if buyers want an option beyond buying new.
  • For retired individuals, a golf cart can provide the independence of being able to get around retirement communities both on and off the course. In some locations, for example, the freedom to get around in a golf cart is often preferred over a car.

  • Carting the needed supplies for planting trees on a large property is one way that some people use a golf cart.
  • A golf cart battery lasts fully charged can usually last for two to three days, which can be less time than one tank of gasoline lasts, so golf cart users need to be in the habit of recharging as needed.
  • Real decisions about being able to get to the locations that you need do not always have to involve a full sized vehicle.
  • The golf cart dealer can provide information about the life of most kinds of golf cart batteries.
  • Shuttling parents to and from a crowded band competition or other school event is one way that groups make use of golf carts.

  • One golf cart that most people are familiar with is the two passenger model. They also come in models that fit as many as 10 passengers.
  • Finding a golf cart that meets your exact needs can take time.
  • Finding a golf cart that fits your budget can also take time.

  • Cart protection wraps can even keep golf cart riders warm in the months of colder temperatures and wind.
  • Once a golf cart is modified after original manufacture specifications so that it can achieve 20 or more miles an hour, it is typically treated as a motor vehicle.
  • Utility trucks are another option for some buyers who are looking to carry heavier loads over greater distances.
  • Relying an a golf cart for short errands around a small community can help save a significant amount of money on gas for larger trucks and other types of vehicles.
  • Some people find golf carts so convenient that they own more than one.
  • Everyone enjoys the opportunity to be independent. Golf carts allow many individuals to remain independent by allowing them to get around in locations where cars and other larger vehicles are not allowed. From fair grounds to farm equipment shows to large craft fairs, golf carts allow many people, of all ages, a way to cover a lot of territory without having to walk.

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