The Internet’s Influence on the House Buying Process


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Shopping for your first home can be exciting. You finally have the ability to move out of your apartment or rental house and purchase something that you can call your own. You will have the ability to paint, make renovations, and do as you please to your new house. Housing buying trends have changed over the last decade. The internet, which has changed the way that we do many things, has also influenced the real estate market. In a sense, it has made it easier to find your dream house. Also, consider these other sources of finding homes for sale.

The internet

In the past, home buyers had to rely simply on the list of houses that their real estate agent provided them with. Today however, home buyers are taking a more active role in the house buying process. They are regularly searching for new listings and notifying their agent of houses they would like to view. They may even be looking for alternative selling options and using their real estate agent to arrange showings for those properties that are not listed on the state database for homes for sale.

The internet has also improved accessibility and convenience for house showings. House viewings used to require phone calls from the agent, sometimes days in advance to arrange a viewing. With easy internet scheduling, the agent can sometimes schedule in a matter of minutes. This improves the amount of houses and the time with which these houses can be seen in a single day. This often leads to quicker selling times. Buyers typically searched for 10 weeks and looked at a median of 10 homes, a number that has decreased since the popularity of the internet.

Through a professional agent

The agent is still a crucial part in the house buying process. Although homes for sale can often be found on the internet, these databases tend to not be updated as frequently and may contain many outdated properties. The realtor?s database, however, contains the most up to date information on properties. It also includes necessary information that may be important in the buyer?s decision making, such as the listing price, the terms offered, and any special notes about the house. Houses listed for sale on the agent?s database can also be narrowed down by housing requirements, including house size, bedroom and bathroom numbers, and the existence of any desired amenities.

A real estate agent also remains a necessary part of successfully selling a house as well. A real estate professional can offer the seller important information on the housing market to establish a fair market value price. They can also arrange showings of the house and filter all house offers to the seller. They will also be an important part in the paperwork proceedings of the sale.

For sale by owner

Some property owners will attempt to sell their houses alone. These houses tend to take longer to sell and the seller?s tend to get less than market value. However, this can be an additional method of house buying for the home buyer. Homes for sale that are listed by the owner may not be listed on the realtor?s database, so buyers may need to keep an eye out for sale signs on front lawns. The realtor can then track down the owner information and arrange a viewing.

Although these tend to be less convenient in terms of showings and the closing process, it can be an alternative way to find additional properties. Showings may be necessary to properly gauge the house as well, as photos may be limited. Photos are an important shopping aspect for buyers. Among buyers who used the internet during their home search, 87% found photos and 84% found detailed information about properties for sale very useful.

In today?s internet times, there are numerous ways to find home listings for sale. The real estate market has finally recovered and there are more options than ever. Home buyers have a variety of sources for finding their dream home including agent listings, internet searches, and scouting out for sale by owner houses. You will also find that your agent is a valuable resource in the entire process.

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