Tips to Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh Longer


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It is your anniversary. When you get home, your spouse and gotten you some anniversary flowers. You want to keep them looking fresh and nice longer, but can you do that. You are in luck! There are a number of items that you have in your home already.

  1. Start with a sterile vase. Before you put your anniversary the the flowers in the vase, you to thoroughly sterilize it. And when you do throw your flowers away should wash the vase and very hot water possible work it through the dishwasher
  2. Put the water in and change it every day. Make sure you have the right amount free number of flowers if you have a lot more water than he only have a few. Adding the water daily how keep the flowers fresh I’m pretty for a longer period of time. Also different different kinds of flowers have different water requirements are asked the local florist what they recommend for your particular bouquet.
  3. Cut the stems on your anniversary flowers. In order to keep your flowers looking fresh as they did at the flower shop you need to cut the stems about an inch you first bring them home and then do it several times after. Make sure this is your sissors used to cut your flowers are very sharp as it will make a better cut in your flower. The cleaner the cut you make the better. Make a diagonal cut in the stems to give more surface area of the water couldn’t get into. Giving your flowers and all the water they need to keep them looking fresh and pretty..
  4. Feed your flowers. When you buy flowers of the florist use the flower food that comes with them. They’re experts in flowers I know what they need to stay healthy and fresh. All all florists include the food packets in with their flowers and that will provide your flowers nutrients they need to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Using flower food is a simple way to make sure they have the nutrition needed to look better for longer.
  5. Make your own flower food. The flower food from the local florist has nutrients that you can’s other things to your flowers from yard with lemon, sugar, bleach or alcohol like vodka. All of these substances provide nutrition and some such as vodka and breach are great for killing any bleach in the water. The juice and sugar will provide nourishment as will the vodka.
  6. Consider the placement of your flowers. You never place them in direct sunlight. You also should have restored the mere fruits like apples and bananas because they produce a substance that causes flower sage prematurely. It’s good to put flowers in a cool place cancel darker. Doing this will help preserve your floral arrangement. This can make a difference in the lifespan of the flowers.

Everyone loves getting something from the local floral shop. The most popular for for floral shops is the Christmas holiday season. Valentine’s Day is the most popular day of the year to Buy flowers. Mother’s Day is also a popular popular time to buy flowers. These sales accounts for about one quarter of all flower sale. It’s a big business, too. Every year American spend $26.6 billion on flowers or arrangements. It is not only women who like to get flowers for days like Valentine’s Day. The American force Association reports that 35% of women bye-bye valentines flowers for their spouse. Of course, people love getting anniversary flowers, too.

Flowers are awesome to brighten up room and make them feel special. Not all flowers have to be bought around an event or date. Your anniversary is only once a year but flowers for any reason, or none at all. You do not have to wait to buy anniversary flowers to a bouquet for someone special in your life. Roses can brighten anyone’s mood.


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