How Many Holiday Parties Are You in Charge of This Year?


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The holiday season is upon us. As calendars of workers and church council members fill up with parties to celebrate the Christmas season and the beginning of the new year, behind the scenes someone is making all of the plans for these events. Party planners kick their efforts into high gear as they create relaxing and celebratory evenings during the months of December and January. If you are in charge of an upcoming party, make sure that you create the perfect setting by thinking through all of the party rentals that you will need. From renting chairs to selecting party linen rentals, large gatherings require a thoughtful approach to make sure the event goes off as planned.
Whether you are planning a wedding, a festival, a corporate event, or a residential party, decisions like table linen rentals and other supplies can make the event more memorable and easier to organize. Consider the following list of things that you might want to plan for your upcoming event:
Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, the tablecloths that are obtained from party rentals come ironed and ready to make your event look its best. As one of the items that will have the biggest impact on the entire venue, tablecloths create a visual background for many of the other decorations. Chosen to coordinate with centerpieces and party favors, the tablecloths you select can be neutral or contrasting. Wedding linen rentals are one item that can be taken care of early in the planning from process. With this decision made and with deposits paid, the linen rentals for a wedding can be checked off the planning list.
Many party planners suggest that large events like a corporate holiday party or wedding include a limited number of colors. For instance, many planners suggest sticking to three main colors to create a theme and then carrying those colors throughout with other accessories like napkins, plates, place cards, hand crafted paper decorations, pennants, or balloons.
Tables and Chairs
Although the colors and fabric for the tablecloths may seem like a fairly easy decision, the rental of tables and chairs cannot be decided until you know the number of guests you are expecting. With the hundreds of details, from invitations to decorations, food, and activities to plan, it is important to get a reliable estimate for how many people are planning to attend. Successful formal sit down dinners, of course, depend on the knowing the number of guests. Some parties, however, provide popular dessert stations and a variety of sitting and gathering options that allow for party goers to decide at the last minute to join the festivities.
The holiday season can get busy and complicated. The decision to select from party rentals that make last minute attendees feel welcome is an approach that more and more companies are following. Although this is not the way to approach a formal setting like a wedding dinner celebration, high top tables without chairs mixed in with larger round tables for guests who want to sit and visit is a great way to approach a party when you do not have a firm count for the number of guests.
Tents and Awnings
It may be winter in many parts of the country, but in other locations the weather is still nice enough to plan for outdoor events. In some of the warmest parts of the country like Louisiana, in fact, outdoor street festivals that feature the nightly lighting of holiday signs and buildings are an important part of the season. For groups that are planning an outdoor event, it is important to consider party rentals that include tents and awnings. Even when the weather is nice, it is relaxing to provide a covered area for the serving of food or for a space to allow guests to escape the bright sun for a few minutes.
Tents and awnings are available in several styles, sizes, prices and colors. These party rentals typically come with set up and take down included, so they are decisions that once made can also be checked off the party planners list. With the decisions of party rentals out of the way, the planners can move on to other essentials like food and music.

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