Four Tips That Apply to Dating and Home Shopping


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If you’ve ever been on the hunt for homes for sale, you’ve probably experienced some of the same emotions that one has when they are looking for love. There are homes for sale that are just the wrong fit, and make you feel like you’ve wasted your time. There are homes for sale that you fall head over heals for, only to not work out and leave you heartbroken. There are homes for sale that seem attractive at first impression, but as you get a little more acquainted with it, you realize it’s not love at first sight after all.

In fact, finding the perfect house for sale is so much like looking for love that we’ve put together a list of tips that apply to both shopping for new homes and finding your soulmate.

Four Tips That Apply to Dating and Choosing a Home for Sale

  1. Have a little faith.

    Even though finding your one true soul mate out of a sea of seven billions humans seems statistically less probable than finding a home you love in the ideal location, far more people feel confident that they’ll be lucky in love than lucky in home shopping. In a recent poll, 73% of Americans were optimistic that they would find their soulmate. Meanwhile only, 52% of house hunters had faith that the perfect home is out their for them.

    The point is, if you look for love and homes with an attitude that you’ll never find it, you’re more likely to shut out possibilities that could have been really great. The more optimistic you are going in, the more enjoyable the experience is, and the more likely you’ll see your perspective mates and homes in a positive light, which will help you land the right home and significant other. Have a little faith.

  2. It’s okay to shop around a bit, to figure out what works for you.

    On average, men date about six women before finding one to settle down with, and women date about five men before landing one they want to stay with (we don’t know how the math works with men dating more women than women dating men). Each time you date someone who you don’t end up marrying, you learn and grow through the experience. You change. You mature. You start to recognize the qualities that are important in your future mate. When you find the one who you want to grow old with, you’re more equipped to have a successful relationship.

    On the same wavelength, shopping around for the perfect home helps you figure out what’s best for you. Perhaps buying a home with an open concept floor plan wasn’t your goal, but as you look at a few homes with them, you realize that you want that in a home. Even if you adore the first home you see, look at four or five more and then circle back to it with experienced eyes.

  3. Don’t be afraid to look for the right one online.

    These days, more people are finding luck in love through online dating than through any other mode that people meet people. It’s a great way to meet other single adults that you never would have crossed paths with otherwise. And it takes the whole “Is she/he single? Are they interested?” awkwardness out of the hunt for love.

    And when you’re shopping for a home, researching homes online is a great way to scope out all of the available homes in the area you’re looking, at the click of a button. It’s so convenient, we really don’t know how people shopped for homes before the internet was invented.

  4. Maybe you’ll have regrets, but you’ll learn from them.

    Life is messy, and this is true of both love and home shopping. Maybe through marriage you’ll wonder if you made the right choice every now and then. Maybe you’ll wish you’d bought a home that didn’t have as long of a commute, or require as much maintenance.

    In both cases, you must choose how to improve your situation. Sometimes it’s time to move on to a new home or partner. Sometimes it’s time to dig your feet in and turn your story into a happy ending!

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