Three Surprising Things You Didn’t Know Residential Locksmith Services Can Do for You


Emergency locksmith services

Local locksmith services are one of the most heavily relied upon type of contractors in the country. From unlocking our homes when we’ve forgotten or lost our keys to replacing our locks when life has thrown us a curve-ball, residential locksmith services are the ones to call. That’s why, according to, the market for affordable locksmiths is set to expand by 7% by 2018.

While we certainly don’t shy away from calling our friendly neighborhood residential locksmith services for a lock-out or lock replacement, the fact is we don’t utilize their services to their fullest potential. Despite popular belief, emergency locksmith services do a lot more than just help you get into your house when you have an issue.

Three Things You Didn’t Know Residential Locksmith Services Can Do for You

  1. Replicate Just About Any Key
  2. As Reader’s Digest points out, whether they’re an auto car locksmith or a professional specializing in home security, locksmiths can replicate just about any key you give them. That old myth that car dealer’s tell you about them being the only people who can make a copy? Completely false, and the same goes for keys that supposedly can’t be replicated. If you find a locksmith with experience, you can have copies of all of your most important keys made.

  3. Provide or Enhance Electronic Security Systems
  4. As home security technology has improved, so have residential locksmith services begun to offer varied electronic security solutions, as the Master Locksmiths Association writes. Whether you want to have an electronic entry system built into your house, a home surveillance system installed, or even a safe with a thumbprint reader placed in your bedroom, today’s locksmiths offer top-of-the-line electronic security suites that can keep your home and your family safe.

  5. Reinforce Your Entryways
  6. If you wanted, your local residential locksmith services could turn your home into a veritable fortress. How? As Angie’s List suggests, locksmiths can be contracted to reinforce the entryways of your home. They do so by replacing the deadbolts on your door with the best Grade-1 models available, as well as replacing the lockset and deadbolt strike plates with four-screw boxes and faceplates. In other words, they’ll make it so the only way anyone is getting through your door without a key is if you open the door for them.

What other services have your residential locksmith services offered that surprised you? Let us know in the comments below! Helpful sites.

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