You Won’t Believe These Four Surprising Facts about Your Drinking Water


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You’ve probably heard these statistics before: that the human body is made up of 55-60% water, and that adults should drink eight glasses of water per day. While these facts are true, these aren’t the only reasons we should all drink more water. Water has plenty of benefits for our overall health, and it’s not only important to drink water but to make sure that the water we drink is the cleanest and purest available, especially when it comes from countertop water dispensers or complete in home water filtration systems.

If you’re interested in what cleaner, better-tasting water can do for you, check out some of these surprising benefits and facts about drinking water each day:

1. Ever wonder why dehydration is such a big deal, especially if so much of our bodies consists of water? Turns out those two facts are related: we need water because it help create the bodily fluids that aid in digestion, circulation, absorption and transportation of nutrients, maintenance of our body temperatures, and saliva creation. All of these fluids are necessary to ensure that our bodies operate properly. However, when we don’t have enough water in our systems, these fluids aren’t produced. This causes us to feel tired, confused, and dizzy — all symptoms of dehydration.

2. Are you trying to lose weight or just maintain your overall health? If so, water is the most important part of a healthy diet. Water gives you plenty of health benefits without the calories, and it will help you stay hydrated and digest more nutritious foods. For those who are overweight, water is essential in boosting your metabolism, and it can also help skin retain its elasticity as you lose weight, so you won’t have the excess, sagging skin that comes with drastic weight loss.

3. Speaking of skin, water is good for everyone’s complexion! Your skin already has plenty of water in it, which helps retain the body’s fluids. However, dehydration can remove some of this water and make skin looked dry and wrinkled. Water won’t reverse aging, of course, but it can lessen its impacts for some time.

4. Because water is easily absorbed into our bodies, it’s important to make sure that our water is also clean in order to avoid exposure to harmful contaminants. Unfiltered drinking water can contain a variety of chemicals, including chlorine, which can make water smell and taste unpleasant. Before filtering, water may also contain pesticides, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can have severe long-term health effects. All of these contaminants can be found in both municipal water supplies and well or other non-government water sources, where up to 15% of Americans get their water.

The best method for avoiding these substances? Get one of the commercially available in home water filtration systems, if you can, or purchase a countertop water filter. Clean, filtered water processed through in home water filtration systems will not only taste better, but it will also detoxify your body and help it stay healthier over time.

The benefits to drinking water every day are numerous, and the reasons to ensure that your water is the cleanest possible can’t be ignored. For good weight management, skin, and overall health, make sure that you and your family drink plenty of clean water. More like this.

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