Three Ways To Make Camping With Toddlers Happen


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Do you have toddlers at home? Too many parents forgo the family vacation for the first few years of children’s lives due tight finances and the infamous difficulties of traveling with tiny tots. Vacationing with infants and toddlers, however, is more than possible — if you do it right. Choose inexpensive family vacations, like camping, and enjoy all the wonders of the great outdoors. Here are some ways to make the trip a little easier on the youngest members of the family:

Start Small

Experts recommend the opposite of diving right in. In other words, if you camp in tent without any nearby bathrooms or running water the first time you camp with toddlers, you are going to have a bad time. Start small; look into RV rentals and RV supplies for your first few trips. RV loans, used campers, and rental campers are all relatively inexpensive, and they give you a solid place to sleep and retreat if it should rain.

Two Words: Portable Playpen

“Take a pack n’ play. Otherwise it’s just dirt — they’re eating dirt, sniffing dirt up their noses,” mother of two, Lori Schilling-Davis, tells The Travel Channel. A portable playpen will also give you somewhere nearby, safe, and within sight to put the kids while you set up the tent or make a fire. Some models may also double as a cushion or bed for sleeping.

Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Campground managers remind parents not to forget the most critical thing: your kids are safest when they are with you. Do not let kids out of your sight, even if it is just for a few seconds. There are plenty of things kids can get into outside, and it is important to always keep an eye on them.

Vacationing with toddlers is more than possible. Make it a reality by always watching young kids, bringing a portable playpen, and investing in worthwhile RV rentals and RV supplies. This is a great source for more:

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