How To Get More Privacy Out of Your Chain Fence


In this YouTube video, Ezvid Wiki looks at various fencing solutions for a home. Different things can be done to increase privacy with chain link fencing.

While tube slats are still a viable option between each chain link length, a person now has even more options. Plastic tube slats come in several shades and patterns.

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Solid tubes with wings on each side provide more coverage than regular slat tubes.

Some garden stores provide sticks held tightly together with black wires. It gives a natural look but doesn’t provide uniform coverage as the spacing between the shafts is uneven.

Ridge slats are raised triangle plastic pieces that also fit into each chain link length, similar to tubes. These let more wind in but may break down easier depending on the weather.

For fences of odd sizes, fake vegetation attached to large square backings might be an option. These squares can be attached to the chain fence, giving the wall a garden feel.

Higher-end, W-shaped slats can be installed. These higher-end ones stand up to more temperature extremes than regular slats.

Hedge slats provide around 90% privacy but have no locking bottom piece. The green, pointed fake pine needles give a garden feel.

Installing sun-grade mesh will be attached to the fence from top to bottom. It filters out some of the heat from the sun, provides more shade, and won’t deteriorate over time. Wind-grade mesh provides similar coverage, will stand up to high winds, and is easy to install.

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