A Users Guide to Pressure Washing


Cleaning a block paved driveway makes a big difference to its appearance. Nigel Blake, the founder of SmartSeal UK, gives tips on how to properly wash a block paved driveway with a pressure washer. Pressure washers can be rented, which will save you money.

Avoid using a pressure washer regularly. Each time you use paver pressure washing, you risk making the colors fade. Ideally, you only want to pressure wash right before sealing.

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Pressure washers should be set low to avoid damaging the pavers.

Always wear goggles to protect your eyes from a powerful burst of water should a hose break. Use work gloves. Move all potted plants, bikes, rocks, or other objects out of the way. Put tarps down on any garden beds that might be next to where you want to wash.

Use a pre-treatment at least one hour before cleaning to remove plant or algae growth. Pre-treatment can be applied with a watering can or a sprayer. Be sure to get the joints, or spaces between the pavers.

The nozzle of a pressure washer needs to be about four inches from the pavers. For stained areas, move the nozzle closer. Turn off the water pipe attached to your hose before removing the hose from the pressure washer. If you don’t, water from the hose will burst out of the hose and may cause injury.

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