These Old School Parents Start New School Ideas


There is no dispute that the world has changed a great deal. Technology has not only transformed the way people conduct their day-to-day activities, but it has also set a firm foundation for progress in the future. Despite the numerous breakthroughs witnessed in virtually every sector, there is a need to point out that a substantial number of challenges have also characterized this new age. Most old-school parents have been compelled to shelve their outdated views and embrace new school ideas to cope with the changing dynamics. However, recent research findings reveal that most old-school parents quickly give up their old ways of thinking and reasoning. Without this paradigm shift, dealing in the current dispensation can be a daunting task for a parent.

New School Ideas That Every Parent Should Adopt

Every parent desires to positively impact their children’s lives and those who look up to them for guidance and mentorship. Parenting goes beyond meeting the basic needs of a child. For children to lead the quality of life that they rightly deserve, parents must step up their efforts and ensure that they are conversant with the current trends in parenting. Here are new school ideas that most parents adopt without hesitating.

Integrating Digital Technology Into Family Life

Every parent should prioritize exposing their children to digital technology at a tender age. Digital technology has been a game-changer in virtually every sector of the economy. Therefore, parents should allow their kids to access digital technology in video games like Minecraft or even interact with users on online platforms that might enhance their knowledge of digital technology.

Conversations That Influence

Parents must influence their children positively. For this duty to be accomplished, there has to be an open discussion between parents and their children. Once children feel that they can trust their parents with whatever information they have, they will not hesitate to express themselves. With such sensitive information, a parent can easily influence their children positively without causing them to feel uncomfortable.

Balancing Extra-Curricular Activities:

There is no doubt that children can be extremists when engaging in extra-curricular activities. Even though extra-curricular activities are highly recommended for every child, it is always advisable to exercise temperance when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Remember that overindulgence in extra-curricular activities can easily affect your kids’ performance and cause their performance to deteriorate, as reflected in their report covers. It will interest you to know that many children have suffered physical injuries due to straining while engaging in physical activities like football or even swimming. Dental injuries might occur in the process and compel you as a parent to seek the services of pediatric dentists. If a child requires teeth support, clear braces have proved to be more ideal for children than metal braces.

Hands-on Parenting

It is emerging that a simple lapse in parenting can negatively impact kids’ lives. Parents who mean well to their children must take the initiative to monitor their children’s lives closely. With technological advancement, video surveillance has given parents great relief when watching what they are engaging in, even when they are not home.

Unearthing Kid’s Strengths

Knowing what your child is good at is central to boosting their confidence and enhancing a positive attitude in their life. However, the ability to establish a child’s strength does not just happen without a certain level of commitment and patience on the parent’s side. Even if your child has a particular disability it is so likely that there is something that they are good at. Remember that being able to guide a child through the journey of self-discovery is a parent’s most important role since it will ultimately determine how they go as far as attaining their dreams and ambitions is concerned.


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Common parenting problems

Most parents will admit that parenting is never a bed of roses. Given its fragile nature, every parent is called upon to execute this noble role with the utmost caution. Research findings indicate that a lapse in parenting has seen many children turn to risky behaviors as a way of filling the void that inconsistent parenting has caused. No parent can boast that they are perfect; parenting is a journey that requires constant improvement to succeed. To become a reliable parent, there is a need to look at some of the problems that most parents face in their parenting duties. This way, it will be easy to come up with solutions aimed at enhancing parent-child relationships. Here are some of the shared parenting problems that exist:

  • Back talking – Nothing is more annoying to a parent than a child who is talking back at them. According to experts on issues to do with parenting, this is considered a clear sign of rebellion and indiscipline. In most cases, parents dealing with children in their teens experience a lot of back talking. Even though such behaviors should never be condoned, it is critical to take the time to understand why this is happening. At the adolescent stage, most children will be obsessed with the idea of wanting to take control of their own lives. At this stage, they will rebuff every attempt to correct or guide them towards a specific direction. As a parent, understanding whatever your kid is going through at this stage is central to attaining a successful parenting journey. Remember that being so hard on your child at this stage can end up turning them into rebellious individuals.
  • Aggressive and violent behavior-It is often said that no matter how well you teach a child, they will insist on behaving as you do. In a world that expects quick results within a short period, most unconsciously exhibit aggression, especially when expressing their frustrations for not being able to attain something. It might not have occurred to many parents, but the reality is that your children will begin to pick such behaviors, and before you know it, they will already be quite aggressive and violent. Therefore, every parent should prioritize acting calmly even when they are undergoing stress and disappointments. It is the only way to ensure that your kids do not acquire destructive behaviors, like violence, that might be difficult to deal with in the future.
  • Poor eating habitsMost children exhibit poor eating habits today due to the existence of fast foods in trendy restaurants. Food that is prepared at home is usually healthy and is highly recommended for children. Most parents find it challenging to convince their kids to eat at home since they prefer going out to eat in restaurants and malls. This subject has been the cause of conflict in many families today. The solution to this problem is to try and minimize exposure to outside foods since they have a way of being addictive and affecting a child’s desire for homemade food. As a parent, you can opt to take your family out for lunch or dinner only on weekends instead of making it a regular habit.
  • Lying-Research findings reveal that almost every parent has to deal with the problem of lying to their children. Whether consciously or unconsciously, children lie, believing that it is the only way to remain in their parents’ good books. If condoned, this destructive behavior can take root in a child to the extent that they will never be honest in their dealings. The moment you discover that your child is beginning to lie to your face, it is vital to take swift action to discourage this habit. It must not necessarily be through spanking or beating them up; as a responsible parent; you can choose to engage your child through an open discussion and explain to them some of the dangers that they risk facing should they continue with the habit of lying. This way, you will win their trust and confidence.

Best Parenting Qualities

Have you ever wondered why some parents succeed in their parenting role while others are struggling? Maybe it’s time you thought through this matter carefully if you are dedicated to advancing as a parent. As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, parenting is a challenging role requiring significant skill and patience. Those who have succeeded in giving their kids an exceptional upbringing will attest that there are qualities that define a good parent. Most of these qualities are not inborn; any parent could weave them into their parenting style by practicing consistently. Here are some of the top parenting qualities every parent should strive to acquire:

  • Sense of humor-Children love it when their parents make them laugh; this explains why parents with a sense of humor turn out to be the favorite among kids. If you are a fun parent, your children will persistently invite their friends over so that they can have a good time together. Good humor encourages candid and open dialogue among family members, serving as medicine for relieving everyone from stress and anxiety.
  • Flexibility-The days when a parent had to be rigid to stamp their authority are long gone. Experts in matters to do with parenting insist that such a parenting style only breeds fear and defiance among children. Engage your kids in the decisions you intend to make in their lives; this will give them a sense of worth and belonging, which will work to your advantage as a parent. Keep in mind that shouting matches will only serve to make your children more rebellious and unwilling to follow your rules and orders. Instead, embrace a more diplomatic approach to discussing issues, however severe they might seem to be.
  • EmpowermentAs a child grows, they begin to exhibit the desire to take control of their own life. This might be manifested in their deep desire to learn to drive or even have a say about the type of clothes they are wearing. It is usual for a parent to want to micromanage their children and have the final say on how they conduct their lives. Such an attitude only brings up children who cannot make their own decisions or take full responsibility for their lives. Instead, every parent should inculcate a culture of accountability into their children and guide them accordingly.

It is a fact that parenting is no longer a mean feat; to have a lasting impression on your child’s life, you will have to apply the right parenting approach. Old school views and ideas on parenting have proven ineffective, especially in this day and age. Therefore, every parent should strive to embrace most of the new school parenting ideas if they are to succeed in bringing up their kids in the right way. Remember your role as a parent cannot be substituted. It is in your hands to either stabilize or ruin the life of your child. By adhering to the new school parenting ideas discussed in this article, you will not only succeed in your parenting duty, but you will also succeed in raising responsible children who will positively impact society.

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