Five Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

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    Did you know that an average of nearly $72 billion is spent on weddings every year in the United States? Of the millions of ceremonies that make up this figure, an estimated 30% have seven to 12 months of planning behind them, perfecting every detail of one of the most important moments of two people’s lives. But while this amount of preparation is typically necessary and logical, it can be extremely difficult and stressful in practice. After all, there are a number of things to consider and decide on, from the venue to the food. Fortunately, working with a wedding planner can often take a significant amount of stress out of what should be an exciting process. Some Continue Reading | No Comments

    Planning a Wedding? Here Are 5 of the Most Popular Wedding Destinations in the United States

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    An estimated 30 percent of brides plan their wedding for 7 to 12 months ahead of time. For many, a wedding is one of the major highlights in their life, and finding the right location and theme for your wedding can have a significant influence on such a romantic and memorable experience. It’s been estimated that about 25 percent of couples have themed wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whether you plan on having a themed wedding or not, finding the perfect wedding location, banquet hall and party venues is important. Here is a list of 5 of the most popular wedding locations in the United States:

    1) Beverly Hills, California: When it comes to hosting your wedding in Hollywood g