Why More And More People Are Choosing To Rent Instead Of Own


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Renting a luxury apartment is the dream for many renters, but it is important to keep in mind what you are looking for in a luxury apartment. For instance, a luxury apartment may be one of many pet friendly apartments in the area, or it may have limitations as to what kind of animals are allowed (for example, some luxury apartments will only allow cats and dogs under a certain weight threshold as well as caged animals like lizards, snakes, and fish). You also want to make sure that you only seriously consider a luxury apartment as long as it is in your price range, as most landlords will only accept a rental application with someone who they can be assured will always be on time with rent as well as utilities. Location can be another deciding factor for many who are looking at luxury apartment or luxury condos, particularly if you are a parent or a family with one or more children.

Every year, there are many people looking to find their ideal luxury apartment, as more than thirty percent of all renters move every year and around 25% of all people in the United States moves at least once every five years (or twice every decade, if you prefer to think of it like that). These renters are often young couples or college students moving out on their own for the first time, and because of their inexperience, it is important that they know what they want before looking at a luxury apartment for rent.

As around one quarter of all renters says, when surveyed, that they prefer living in an apartment rather than a house, it’s important, if you are a renter, to consider why. Some people may prefer to choose to live in an apartment because of the area they want to live in. In an urban location like a city, for example, it is much easier to find an apartment for rent than a home and an apartment, even a luxury apartment, is likely to be considerably less expensive, meaning that the household moving in can live in higher quality than if they had rented a house. Around half of all renters said renting an apartment caused them considerably less financial stress and allowed them to live with a greater sense of financial comfort. In fact, a luxury apartment may even come with a hot tub and swimming pool that all tenants can use for free, something that, if the tenants had bought or rented a house, would be their responsibility to fund if they wanted one. As this is typically one of the most desired amenities in a luxury apartment complex, a pool and a hot tub may even convince some renters to sign a lease for a luxury apartment.

For those with children, many luxury apartments often have playgrounds either as part of the property or very nearby, as many luxury apartment communities are established in child friendly neighborhoods. Looking into the schools in the area is a good idea as well, particularly for those with children of a school age or nearing it.

More and more people are choosing to live in an apartment instead of a home, with more than four million apartment units currently rented in the United States. There are many reasons that individual people or households may choose an apartment over home ownership, ranging from amenities the apartment offers to a greater sense of financial security when renting an apartment instead of purchasing a home.

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