How Do I Decide On the Right Storage Facility?


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The average American adult has around 300,000 items in their home. It is perhaps not surprising that one in every 10 of them needs to rent offsite storage. Someone might look into storage units for a number of reasons, but regardless of the exact reason, there are several key points to look for before signing a contract.

Are All Storage Units Alike?

Storage facilities will have different features to meet the customer’s needs. Some people will need just a place to store some old furniture for a few months. Others will require a full-service storage unit that is climate controlled, with security on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. How do you know which to choose? It’s simple: look at what you intend to store.

The Bare Minimum Storage Facility.

Items that do not require special treatment can be stored in a simple facility with minimal features. These types of items are impervious to cold, heat, and dust. Some common household items that would fall within this category is hardwood furniture that has been sealed, plastic items, and non-electronic household appliances.

Items made of cloth or textiles should not be stored in these facilities for a long period of time. The chance of humidity leading to mildew is high. At the very least, the fabric is likely to absorb odors. For textiles it is better to consider the long-term, and store them in a protected or climate controlled unit.

Climate Controlled Facilities Are Best For Sensitive Items.

Climate controlled storage units will be sealed against outside allergens such as pollen, dust, and the elements. The interior temperature is controlled to a specified degree, which can be convenient for many types of items. For example, some people choose to store a large wine collection in a nearby storage center. They need the temperature controlled so that the bottles stay properly preserved.

Other items that do well in a climate controlled storage unit are music instruments and electronic devices. The humidity in these units is also controlled of course. These types of storage units do not have any items that should not be stored inside them, as most items do well in a protected environment.

Deciding the Security Needs of Your Storage Unit.

How much security the storage facility needs depends largely on two things: the estimated price of what is being stored, and peace of mind. Some units house priceless works of art, expensive wines, and fine musical instruments. It makes sense to have this personal items guarded. This might take the form of security cameras on the premises, with one watching the entrance to the unit, and a security guard onsite at all times.

Some people may not want to have all the bells and whistles that a full-service storage facility offers. They would prefer to pay a little less to store their items, and perhaps their items are not worth very much in monetary terms or sentimental value. That is their choice, and it makes sense to them. This is an especially attractive choice is the person is going to only store their items for a short amount of time, or if the items are not sensitive to their environment.

Choosing the right facility for storage should be carefully thought out. After all, you are trusting someone else with your personal belongings. The simplest way to decide where to store the items is to figure out the amount of protection you need.

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