What You Absolutely Shouldn’t Keep in Your Storage Unit


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There are many benefits of self storage units, and renting one can be a huge help to many kinds of homeowners. A storage unit will give you that extra space to use for whatever you need. You can clear all the junk out of your garage, or your basement, or your spare room, and put it someplace out of the way.

Many times, that junk is not actually junk. Those are important things, souvenirs or mementos that you want to keep, but that don’t necessarily need to be within arm’s reach at all times. A storage unit represents the perfect opportunity to store these important things elsewhere, so that you still know exactly where they are, and that they are safe.

This is all great, and very appealing to many people. People store everything from old clothes to cars to artwork to wine to appliances in their self storage units. However, there are people out there that have taken things a little too far.

There are very few thing that you shouldn’t keep in a storage unit, and most often, those rules are for safety purposes. For example, if you’re going to store your lawnmower, you first need to empty its tank of flammable gasoline. You also shouldn’t store any kinds of firearms.

There are some unspoken rules that you would think would go without saying, but sadly, some people have a moral compass that just does not point North.

The unspoken rule: Do not store any living or formerly-living thing in a self storage unit. No, we’re not talking plants here, though that’s not really a good idea, either. There are a few select individuals who, for a variety of reasons, have chosen to use their storage unit to store pets, human remains, or various body parts.

No living thing can survive in a dark, locked storage unit, and it would be cruel to make them try. And whether you’ve killed someone and are trying to stash the body, or are holding onto grandma’s remains until you can figure out what to do with them, do not, under any circumstances, store a human body in a storage unit. You will not get away with it. It will be discovered and you will be in trouble with the law.

Storage units can be a great thing to have for a multitude of storage needs. Just make sure that the items you’re store are safe, legal, and not breathing.

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