Donations for Veterans What to Give Around the Holidays


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When it comes to giving to charity, many people wonder when to donate clothes, household items, and food to organizations that focus on helping families in need. The truth is that any time is the right time to give, but there’s one season that especially requires extra donations: the winter holiday season. This is also a crucial time to give to our nation’s veterans.

Donations for veterans are important because they benefit all veterans and their families. Many of these items also go to homeless veterans or those who have been wounded in action. If you are wondering what you should donate during the holidays, here are a few things that all types of charities can use:

1. Clothing donations: Clothing donations for veterans and their families are great to give during the winter. Warm clothing, including sweaters, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and other winter wear, are perfect for individuals of all ages. These items are especially useful for homeless veterans and families who are in need.

2. Household items: Small appliances and electronics are great to give during the holidays, since many families may find that they can’t afford these items themselves. Donating gently used items or new ones is also a great way to prevent these devices from winding up in the landfill.

3. Food and non-perishables: Many food banks and soup kitchens rely on donations around the holiday season due to an increased demand for these items. Canned goods, boxed foods, and other non-perishable foods have longer shelf lives, which makes them ideal for donation. In addition to food items, household goods like toiletries and paper products are also frequently needed by charities.

4. Toys: Finally, nothing says the holidays like gifts for loved ones. However, some families with children are unable to afford presents. By donating new toys, you help “Santa” visit families in need.

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