What Happens When You Throw Away Clothes


It’s no wonder that many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in their lives. As you begin to get tired of being surrounded by clothing, it’s understandable to want to remove some of these items from your home. Unfortunately, many people simply take used clothing and throw it away. While this might seem like your only option, you’ll want to know the path used clothing takes after being thrown away. With that in mind, here is what happens when you throw away used clothing and textiles in the trash.

The Problem with Throwing Clothing Away

Statistics gathered from the Environmental Protection Agency found that the average adult in the United States tosses out 10 pounds of clothes each year. It might seem like throwing out your clothes doesn’t cause much harm which isn’t true at all. On the contrary, throwing out clothing causes major problems that are slowly affecting the entire world.

Unfortunately, textiles that are thrown into the trash end up in what is known as a landfill. These locations are places where trash collected throughout the United States ends up. As these clothes begin to collect in landfills, they also break down. Clothes that break down in landfills begin to release gases that harm the environment. Unfortunately, the large amount of tossed out clothing continues to make this problem worse as time goes on.

Another Reason to Keep Clothing Away From Landfills

It’s understandable to feel bad learning that thrown away clothing releasing harmful gases has become such a problem. However, there’s another major problem associated with clothing continuing to end up filling up landfills. This problem is that landfills around the world are already filling too quickly.

In turn, throwing away clothing only contributes to landfills that are likely nearing their maximum capacity. As this happens, landfills that are filled to the brim can begin to have trash seep out of the sides and through any openings. This increases the risk of pollution to nearby areas of water and land. That being said, there’s an easy solution to consider that allows you get rid of clothing while not contributing to the growing problem the world faces from overcrowded landfills.

Why Many Choose to Donate Clothing

Donating to a charity provides you with a way to prevent your home from being cluttered with clothing. In fact, statistics show that 14.3 million tons of textiles donated from the United States help clothe people around the world. With that in mind, your clothes donations can help add to this total which ensures even more people receive the clothing they need. Many donate clothes to Red Cross locations or utilize pick up services that collect charitable donations.

Your clothing donations are utilized in more ways than you might think. While your clothing will likely be directly given to others, these donations do much more. For instance, clothing items that might be unsuitable for donation can be used to help fund further charitable efforts. It’s important to remember that many charities rely on funding through donations.

In conclusion, clothing can end up doing a lot of harm after it gets thrown away. On the other hand, donating clothing provides you with a solution for removing clutter without it having to end up in landfills. Considering that, many people donate clothes to Red Cross locations around the world. You’ll likely find a location near where you live that collects Red Cross donations. The American Red Cross uses these donations to help provide relief for families and communities. If you’re looking for a smart way to get rid of clothing, donate clothes to Red Cross locations near you.

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