Planning on Flower Delivery for Mother’s Day? Here’s What You Should Know

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Flower delivery is a popular gift choice for people to give their friends, family, and business associates. It can be used to celebrate holidays, is essential for weddings, and great for those who’ve just had a baby and want to celebrate. For anyone planning a flower delivery, here are a few facts to be aware of.

Order Early During the Holidays

Mother’s day is a popular holiday to give flowers as gifts. Over 1/4 of purchases made during this month are flowers or plants that people give their loved ones. When it comes to the holidays where people send the most flowers, Christmas and Hanukah are in the number one spot. Keep in mind that because so many people are thinking the same thing, it’s essential to send flowers early. It’s possible that locations will run out of popular flowers or they won’t make it in time if ordered too late. The person you’re giving flowers to will appreciate the thought, and usually won’t mind if they come a little early for the holiday.

Be Aware of the Shelf Life of Flowers

It’s important to know that flowers have a shelf life. This is in spite of the best efforts of floral companies to offer preservatives and other additives that make the flowers last longer. If you’re sending someone birthday flowers or another special type of bouquet, figure out what the average lifespan is of the flowers you’re sending. Tulips, for example, last about three days to a week at most. Figure out if the person you’re giving to would appreciate a plant instead, or if they’ed just like something that has a short lifespan and doesn’t require much care. Also consider the time of year, the weather, and if there are other flowers that might survive a trip and arrive in better condition based on those factors.

Gifts Can be More Than Just Flowers

If you’re giving someone flowers but aren’t sure if that would be the best choice, think about the alternatives available to you. Consider a fruit basket vs floral arrangement. This is great for business associates and sends a message of wealth and prosperity rather than love. Family may appreciate this instead of flowers, especially if they enjoy a quality snack made with love. Either way, this is still considered a nice touch and appreciated by many people. Fruit baskets can be sent from a local florist, making it just as easy as buying flowers.

When it comes to flower delivery, there are many different options and things to consider when sending flowers to the people you care about. If you’re planning on flowers for a special occasion, order early before the items you want are sold out. Be aware of how long your flowers will last and if there’s a better choice given the weather and other circumstances. Finally, consider a fruit basket if you’re giving for business or you think family would appreciate that more.

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