Understanding the First Thing About Electric Beds


Sleep system

People seem to becoming more and more detached from the very human need for sleep. Much to our collective chagrin, we are not robots and we don’t run on an endless supply of energy that magically comes out of a socket in the wall.
But what if your bed was able to shift angles and contours from that aforementioned socket? While long used in hospitals, electric beds still aren’t the norm in private residences, which is a shame, really. Besides exaggerated beliefs about cost and a general perception of unattractiveness,electric beds carry a medicinal stigma. But
perhaps if more people understood how they work, the bias about adjustable electric beds would dissipate.
One of the simplest ways to conceptualize the benefit of electrically adjustable beds is to think of the stiffness implied in lying straight out on your back on a normal mattress. This may be how you begin your night’s sleep, but most of us turn on our sides or onto our stomachs before a long, deep rest can be sustained. One major reason for this is that the body isn’t meant to maintain that stiff, knee-locked position, and it inhibits blood flow.

The instinct to turn on one’s side is, in part, your body telling your brain a shift is needed in order to restore proper circulation. Many people wish they could sleep on their back through the night, however: they roll over on unsuspecting pets, they flail around and knock things off the end-table or disturb their partners… perhaps they don’t enjoy that odd sensation of a bent earlobe pressed into the pillow. The good news is that an electric bed will relieve that pressure in your knees and allow for proper circulation without the rollover. For many, it’s literally a dream come true.
As is the case with many things in life, consumers tend not to understand how an adjustable electric bed can have positive impact on them personally, so they dismiss the idea without all the relevant information. Give an electric bed some consideration – your partner might just thank you… and your pet will definitely be pleased.

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