The Top Five Tips For Buying The House Of Your Dreams


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Looking around for condos for sale? It’s time to do a little homework. Searching for luxury condos and downtown real estate is a process that takes some effort and research on your part to be executed correctly. With the market more competitive than it has ever been and customers chomping at the bit to get the home of their dreams, the last thing you want to do is be caught floundering in the waters on your own. With these top five tips at your disposal you’ll never have to worry about spending too much money or finding the wrong condos for sale.

Use Your Resources

Did you know over 90% of people use the Internet in their home search? This is considered unprecedented, considering just a handful of decades ago this wasn’t even an option. The market has been adapting as best it can to these changes, offering virtual tours and regularly updating their prices and renovations to help customers get the best idea of what they’re getting into when shopping for condos for sale.

Know Your Prices

Condos for sale aren’t set in stone. You have more than enough price ranges and options to choose from in today’s busy market and, thankfully, the resources to find them without too much trouble. The median dollar value to stage a home is around $675 a pop — among those who financed their home purchase, the average buyer financed around 90% of the home price. A study showed 49% of realtors reporting most buyers are affected by home staging, with another 47% reporting some buyers are affected. Not only is the Internet fantastic for finding plenty of details, it can save you money when it comes to traveling.

Location, Location, Location

The best condos for sale won’t mean much if you don’t like where you live. According to ongoing studies there were a median of 14 miles between the homes that recent buyers purchased and the areas they moved away from — the typical buyer that didn’t use the Internet during their search for homes spent around five weeks searching, while those who did use the Internet searched for 10 weeks and saw at least 10 homes. As you can see, more research and time spent will make you far more critical of the end result. While this can seem a little exhausting, it guarantees your decision will be a meaningful one!

Check Popular Locales

If you need a starting point, Chicago isn’t a bad place to start. If anything it has been one of the most popular cities for people to move to these past few years! To reference, Chicago as a whole had a median home price of around $285,000 and a market wait time of under 60 days. Chicago offers a whopping 15 swimming beaches along its 26 miles of shoreline, proving a fantastic area for families and couples alike. The year 2015 saw over five million existing homes sold, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.

Get Real Estate Help

When it comes down to it, the home of your dreams is only limited by your ambition. A real estate agent can help with all the fine print and grueling work, walking you through everything from mortgage rates, median prices and applications. Consume ruse of online search reached an all-time high of 92% for home-related searches, making it clear that the market for real estate will remain competitive for years to come. If you’re interested in single family homes or real estate for sale, contacting a professional agent will go a long way in trimming the fat and reaching the conclusion you’ve been looking for. Are you ready to buy a home?

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