The Three Most Common Reasons People Call a Local Locksmith


Local locksmith service

The earliest lock found dates back thousands of years and was discovered the ruined Assyrian capital of Nineveh. Primitive locks like these were used extensively by the Ancient Egyptians, who were perhaps history’s greatest engineers. The first all-metal lock appeared between the 9th and 10th centuries in England and became the basis for today’s modern lock-and-key mechanisms. Today local locksmiths continue the trade to help keep everyone’s stuff safe: here are the top three reasons why local locksmiths get phone calls.

  1. Getting Locked Out

    It can be embarrassing, but it happens more often than one might think: in 2012 about 2 million people got locked out of their home in one way or another. Unless one has a handy lock pick and deft hands, many of us are left with few options but to call a local locksmith service. Professional locksmiths typically check a person’s ID to ensure that the address is listed as their residence, thereby ensuring that thieves and looters won’t have access into your home by a helpful locksmith.

  2. Lost Keys

    There is nothing quite as dreadful as slowly realizing that your keys are not on your person. The average person has a tendency to misplace up to nine items per day with a third of respondents in a poll stating that they spend approximately 15 minutes every day looking for lost cell phones, keys, paperwork, and other items. A 2013 survey found that one out of every four respondents misplaced their car keys at some point; of those drivers who misplaced a key, 20% left the key at work, 15% lost the key while shopping, and 13% left their keys at a relative or friend’s house. In the event that you lose a key, stay calm as many locksmiths can drive to your location and open locks or make new keys on-site.

  3. Changing Your Locks

    Burglary is one of the most heinous crimes: in addition to the theft they also rob a resident’s sense of security. Locksmiths can help turn your home into an impregnable fortress against would-be-thieves. It is advised that new home buyers change their locks immediately after moving in. There are a variety of increasingly advanced options provided by local locksmith services, but most basic hardware can be installed for around $200 or less.

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