Every day is a great day to dine on your patio


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If the last time you used your grill was for a Wednesday night dinner at home with the kids, well, you are not alone.

Homeowners are increasingly using their outdoor patio for more than entertaining on holidays or special occasions. In fact, nearly half (49%) say that their patio is used for grilling weekday family dinners, which is not surprising considering nearly 80% of households report having a grill or smoker. Also, 60% report using their grills year-round.

With so much daily use, buyers are more carefully considering their patio furniture sets, because they want to extend their meal and free time outside. As many as 80% plan to purchase a new outdoor furniture in the coming year, according to a 2015 industry report.

Whether for a party of 25 or a family for four, nothing beats outdoor patio areas. The best come complete with patio furniture sets, patio heaters, umbrellas and–most importantly–efficient, new gas grills.

When selecting a propane grill
, consumers are most concerned with the ease of the ignition system, followed closely by the surface area of the grilling space. Though hot dogs, steak and burgers continue to be the most popular choices among grillers, other healthy selections–such as chicken, fish, and vegetables–are gaining. Small or large portions are easy to prepare, and a gas grill that heats quickly and easily makes outdoor dining even better. Appetizers, main course and sides can all be prepared on the same grill if it allows for varying heat on different areas of the grill’s surface.

No longer is grilling just a means to make a meal that must be carried indoors. A full outdoor patio can make the great outdoors your dining area, as well. A well-designed patio furniture set can move your dining room outdoors where you can enjoy away from the television or other indoor distractions.

For entertaining, or even family evenings, an upgrade to the patio might include an outdoor vent-free fireplace log set. Your outdoor patio can be cozy on chillier nights.
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