The Three Best, Most Affordable Places to Retire Abroad


Senior housing options

When choosing where you want to spend your retirement years, healthcare is likely one of the top factors you’re taking into account during your search. When about seven out of 10 Americans will require long-term care or assistance after age 65, it’s important to find low cost senior housing that will provide top-notch healthcare.

This is especially true if you’re hoping to retire abroad — which countries will offer the best level of care to seniors like you? It’s often hard to find clear answers on other countries’ healthcare systems or quality.

Looking to retire to a more exotic locale, but still want low cost senior housing options? Here are the top three countries that are renowned for their high-quality healthcare and assisted living facilities to seniors:


According to International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index for 2015, Malaysia’s healthcare system is the best in the entire world. This Southeast Asian nation’s healthcare is both pristine in quality and highly affordable, with some of the best-educated doctors, surgeons and dentists working there.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica isn’t just famous for its beautiful beaches and thriving natural wonders anymore. Its government-run universal healthcare system, which is accessible to both citizens and legal residents, is well-known for its excellence. If you don’t want to go the public route, there are plenty of private healthcare providers throughout Costa Rica who provide excellent care, as well.


Thailand is yet another country with a widespread reputation for excellence and affordability in healthcare, especially for expatriates who move there for retirement. According to International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index, many respondents said Thailand’s healthcare is on par with or even better than the medical systems in their home countries. Best of all? Most doctors here speak English, as it’s the language in which they received their training.

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