Five Qualities You Should Seek in a Heating and Cooling Repair Company


Heating and cooling repair

There are an astounding 85,469 different heating and cooling companies throughout the United States. Knowing this, you definitely have no shortage of qualified professionals ready to fix whatever problems your home’s heating and cooling systems may be having.

However, some heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals aren’t as qualified as others — meaning you should do a fair amount of research before you hire just any contractor to come into your home.

Not sure which company’s heating and cooling services you should seek out? Here’s our guide to the top 5 qualities of a furnace and AC repair company:

A good reputation throughout your community

The best heating and cooling companies will have the positive reviews to show it. Research on websites like the Better Business Bureau’s review site, which ranks businesses on an A+ to F scale. This is a good resource for finding out what the company’s previous customers have thought of its business practices and quality of work performed.

The proper certification

All technicians working for an HVAC company should have North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification. These technicians are required to be efficient, professional and highly knowledgeable in their field of work.

Fair — but not rock-bottom — pricing

Never hire a heating and cooling company that charges the lowest prices — chances are, these prices reflect low-quality work that will more than likely require additional repairs to rectify. Instead, choose a company that charges a fair price for their services.

Membership in a professional HVAC organization

Ideally, the HVAC company you hire should be a member of Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), a professional organization of the country’s best contractors and companies. To become a member of this organization, HVAC companies must be highly professional and proficient in heating and cooling repairs.

Works in a local office close to your home

Convenience is an oft-overlooked factor in many people’s search for the right heating and cooling company. Contractors should have offices that are accessible to their customers, in the event that you need to stop by and ask a question.

Have any other questions for us on choosing the best heating and cooling companies? Ask us anything that’s on your mind by leaving a comment below. More like this blog.

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