The 10 Best Antiquing Towns in America


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Finding the perfect antique is like discovering a portal through time. When you are holding on to this particular object, you know that someone long ago had done the very same thing. Antiquing connects us to our roots and keeps history alive.

The 10 Best American Antiquing Towns

  1. Millerton, NY: Everyone loves the Millerton Antiques Center with its 35 dealers selling everything from fine European art to Oriental rugs.
  2. Adamstown, PA: Adamstown is often referred to as “Antiques Capital USA.” It is home to approximately 20 antique and vintage shops, and Stoudts Black Angus Antiques Mall is filled with antique furniture and vintage jewelry. Stoudts also brews beer on site, and customers can taste some bread and cheese with their beer as the browse the massive market.
  3. Wiscasset, ME: This picture-perfect Maine village overlooking the Sheepscot River is teeming with lovely old collectibles for the avid antiquer. One can find weaponry, books, art, and fine china at local Water Street Antiques, Michael Dunn Antiques, and Patricia Stauble Antiques.
  4. Buchanan, VA: Known as “Antique Alley,” Main Street in Buchanan, VA features shops dealing premium vintage items such as furniture, home decor, and so much more. Some vendors even sell their own jams and jellies.
  5. Galena, IL: One can find new and repurposed jewelry, vintage fashion, rare toys, and other knick-knacks at Galena’s All That’s Vintage, Rustic River Finds, and Gustafson and Grey antique shops.
  6. Stillwater, MN: Just east of Minneapolis, Stillwater is a scenic town with many historic inns and quaint bed and breakfasts. At American Gothic Antiques, dealers sell goods with a focus on Civil War era memorabilia. Let There Be Light Antiques is a shop of over 500 rare vintage light fixtures.

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