Amish Shed Plans Come in a Variety of Sizes and Colors


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The wood storage shed that sits behind your house serves a pretty utilitarian purpose these days. That has not, however, always been the case. When you first looked at wood storage sheds it was to find a place that offered a great play space for your oldest daughter. In fact, after your purchase, sales of wood storage sheds became a pretty trendy thing in your area of town. Decorated inside with pretend kitchens and adorable reading nooks, the young girls would spend hours playing in each others “houses.” Some of your best memories are of you and your wife standing outside listening in on the the sweet, almost grown up, conversations. Their chatter about tea parties and grand vacations made you both smile from ear to ear.
As the years passed, however, and first one and then another daughter outgrew the miniature house in the backyard, the Amish built shed sat empty for awhile. Gradually, you began to use it for its intended purpose. It became a place to store gardening tools, hoses, sprinklers, and a variety of other outdoor tools that you wanted to make sure had a safe and secure place to be. It became one of many well used wood storage sheds throughout the neighborhood that held tools and gardening supplies instead of housing little girl’s laughter and dreams.
Back Yard Storage Options Provide Safe Havens for Treasured Tools
Even though some of the Amish shed plans are so adorable that they would make great pretend homes for young dreamers, their real intent is to serve as a storage location for many tools that are both valuable and sparingly used. For instance, these well crafted Amish buildings can come with a variety of organizational tools that can help you store rakes, hoes, wheelbarrows, and other outdoor working supplies that need to be protected from the elements when they are not in use.
Amish built sheds are so well made that they typically last at least 15 to 20 years, even in the harshest of weather climates. Not surprisingly, the real way to determine the size that you should custom order is by purchasing more than you think than you will need. For instance, some experts recommend that when someone purchases a shed, it is wise to determine the space needed and then include an additional 25% for future storage needs.
Amish Builders Create Strong Durable Products
In addition to building small wood storage sheds, Amish craftsmen are also known for several other products. While gardens sheds are popular outdoor options, so too are custom gazebos, garages, and pool houses. Once these builders are given the exact specifications, almost all of the smaller options are built offsite and then delivered to the buyer in a single piece. In preparation, many home owners lay a cement pad to serve as an additional base to the chosen building.
Also built with quality in mind, custom gazebos can serve as both a relaxing family dining spot of a comfortable reading and resting area. Very popular in gardens, these gazebos can add an element of design height to any back yard landscaping plan. Again, offered in a variety of sizes, back yard gazebos are also offered in several wood choices and stain colors.
The quality of an Amish built garage is also widely known. As a much larger structure, these buildings are most often constructed on site. They too, however, can be built in a variety of sizes and styles. Designed as one large room or two separate storage spaces, the inside of these garages provide floor storage as well as wall mounts and overhead storage options. Adding insulation can make this indoor space a location for woodworking and small engine repairs as well.
And while Amish sheds and outdoor buildings are of the highest quality, Amish furniture perhaps has an even longer history of excellence. It first gained attention in the 1920s, with the “discovery” of early American folk art. Then, as now, collectors, dealers, and historians placed great value on the beauty and quality of finely crafted pieces of American furniture. Today, custom ordered Amish furniture takes as long as 12 to 16 weeks when it’s ordered online. It is, however, obviously worth the wait.

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