Taking Advantage Of Corporate Housing And Why It Benefits You


Moving for work is a common thing, in fact, it is incredibly so. After all, there are so many job opportunities out there at the moment. This is reflected by the fact that unemployment rates are very much on the decline. As of last September, the September of 2018, there was less than 4% of the population that was unemployed. So people are working hard and very often getting offered some great opportunities. But taking a new opportunity will sometimes mean moving, and sometimes that move will be a great distance away. And when you take a job for work, you might need to move quite quickly, before you really have the chance to sell your current home (or end your lease, as the case will often be) or even find a new one. This can prove quite the conundrum.

Of course, you might decide to stay in a hotel. Hotel stays can help you to bridge the gap between moving from your old home, selling that home, and finding a new one. Hotels can be nice, and close enough to your work and any necessary schools to seem reasonable. But there are actually a great many reasons why staying in a hotel after relocating for work is not the best idea after all. First, let’s look at price.

If you stay in a nice hotel room, you will rack up quite the bill quite quickly, something that the average family might not be able to deal with all that easily. As a matter of fact, an average rate for a hotel stay in the year of 2015 was already more than $100 per day. In the years that have passed us by since, there are many places where this cost has increased. Therefore, a longer term stay in a hotel is not feasible for the vast majority of people. And there are other reasons that staying in a hotel is not particularly ideal.

In addition to this, hotels all too frequently do not provide nearly enough space for the average family. If you’re trying to stay in a hotel room with your kids, your likely to have some struggles even during a typical hotel visit. Said struggles will only be more and more compounded the longer that you stay in such a situation. Therefore, staying in a hotel long term thanks to relocating for a job is going to prove emotionally and even likely physically taxing as well. For many people, it’s not worth it.

But what is the alternative? Corporate housing has been able to provide the answer to many people who have moved for work. As a matter of fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject even shows that up to 40% of all people who are currently utilizing some type of corporate housing or another do so because they are moving for a position and have not been able to find a more permanent home yet. Typically, the average person will stay in corporate housing for nearly three months, an average of 84 days, before securing something more long term.

But corporate housing itself certainly has a lot to offer. One bedroom apartments are common with corporate housing, as one bedroom apartments are not too expensive to rent out but are big enough to fit the needs of many who are in need of corporate housing. One bedroom apartments can even be made to work for a family, as some one bedroom apartments are more spacious than you might think. Furnished one bedroom apartments are also common, as most people staying in short term apartments will not want to have to move furniture in and then out again for such temporary housing. One bedroom apartments that come fully livable are ideal, as such one bedroom apartments can be easily used by many in a short span of time – allowing the owners of said one bedroom apartments to get the most bang for their buck, so to speak.

At the end of the day, moving for work can be great, and corporate apartments like one bedroom apartments can make the process all the easier, to say the least on the subject.

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