7 Reasons Why You Should Open Your Swimming Pool Early


If you want a swimming pool for your yard, there are a lot of options to choose from. So consider the ones that work best for your budget and needs. For instance, an above ground shallow pool can be cheaper than digging an in-ground pool. It would serve young children well. If you want a more therapeutic option, an above ground swim in place pool wouldn’t take up much space in your yard. If you want a bigger pool, then you’ll need to look for someone who will dig an affordable lap pool. However, before you choose from any of these options, consider your needs and budget.

To find affordable swimming pools near me, you should ask for recommendations. You can do this by looking up new swimming pool construction services online and checking the reviews. People will share their good and bad experiences, which will help you choose which is best for you. If you know someone who has recently put in a pool, they can also be a great source of information, so make sure you ask about their experience.

As a homeowner, do you have a swimming pool in your property? Various property owners install a pool for varying reasons.

Well, some do it to improve the property value. Pool installation raises your home value by 7%. Others do so to beat the heat on hot summer days. But what happens to your pool during winter? At this point, closing your pool till spring is the only alternative.

Don’t let the chilly spring breeze frustrate your pool opening process. There’s a lot of work and repairs to be done. You don’t want to do all this in summer. Here 7 reasons why you should prioritize pool opening sooner than later.

1. Avoid the Excessive Summer Heat

A swimming pool should cool you when the summer sun starts shining on your backyard. Pool opening before summer allows you to clean and do the necessary repairs. When summer comes, you and your family will be ready to hop right into the water.

2. Prevent Growth of Algae

Algae on your pool are unsightly, slimy, and hard to remove. Opening your pool early helps stop the growth of algae before it becomes uncontrollable.

Algae, like people, love warm temperatures. Yes, you may be using a mesh-winter cover, but it allows sunlight to pass through. As such, your pool becomes a breeding ground for different types of algae. Before you know it, your pool is smothered in green.

At this point, vacuuming and cleaning your pool to rid it of this filth seems endless. However, pool openings at spring prevent the growth and spread of algae.

3. Leaves Ample Time for Repairs

Uncovering your swimming pool for the first time may reveal concerning signs of damage. The extreme cold weather and changing seasons are likely to take a toll on your pool. For instance, tears in liners can be dangerous for swimmers thus pool liners replacement is inevitable.

Do you want to keep your family and friends safe as they enjoy your swimming pool? Well, engage competent pool builders to assess the damage and do repairs before summer. With this, your pool will be safe and appealing when you’re ready to dive in.

4. It Saves You Money

Some property owners will delay pool opening to minimize energy costs. While this is true, opening your pool early offers other benefits that offset your energy savings.

For instance, it allows you to address minor damages in your pool. It also saves you the hassle of buying extra chemicals to rid your pool of algae or other bacteria.

5. Enjoy Your Swimming Pool Longer

Pool opening on spring allows you to enjoy it for long. It allows you to splash about before summer temperature hits a nice broil. You don’t have to wait for summer to plan birthday pool parties and family barbecues slated for summer.

6. Improves the Aesthetics

A swimming pool improves the appearance of your home. The pool looks great once you remove the cover. Once you open it, your yard becomes instantly attractive, making you feel like its summer already. Open now to take advantage of that feeling.

7. Discourage Pollen Buildup

Suffolk County is no stranger to pollens. These thick and dusty particles will glob onto anything outdoors including your swimming pool.

Yes, the still pool water is susceptible to these pollens. Pool opening system keeps water circulating day and night making it hard for pollens to buildup and pollute your water.

Opening your pool before summer helps prevent the growth of algae. It also prevents any form of pollution by pollen or other substances. Even better, it allows you to enjoy the facility longer before closing it for the next seasons. Like all other installations, your swimming pool is susceptible to wear and tear. Opening the pool on spring allows enough time for repair and maintenance before summer kicks in. With this, your family and friends will enjoy themselves in a safe facility.

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