Taking A Look At The Importance Of Cleanliness


From hiring a maid service to hiring various other such cleaning services, more and more people are taking on extra help when it comes to staying clean, both in their working environments as well as in their homes. After all, keeping the spaces you live in ocean is hugely important for a number of different reasons, as anyone who has considered the benefits of hiring a maid service is likely well aware of.

For instance, cleanliness can be directly related to health, as cleaning helps to eliminate harmful germs that people might come in contact with on a day to day basis. This can be seen particularly clearly in office spaces, where overall attendance can actually be boosted by as much as 46% when a regular cleaning protocol is followed. After all, missing work is not ideal, but it’s better to stay home when you are sick than to come in and infect other people. However, proper cleaning schedules can help to reduce even the likelihood of ever getting sick – at least sick enough to miss work – in the first place. The data more than backs this up, showing that, for employees working in clean office spaces, the chances of contracting the flu or any type of cold will be dropped by sometimes as much as 80%.

And working in a clean office space can actually improve not only the productivity of office workers, but the quality of work that they are producing as well. After all, hiring a maid service or other such custom cleaning service will help to reduce the amount of dust that collects in the typical office or workspace. As dust can actually reduce overall cognitive ability and function by sometimes as much has a full 6% (and typically by no less than 2%), this can end up having quite the positive impact on workers in all different industries and in various office spaces all throughout the country as a whole. Of course, taking such cleaning measures through hiring a maid service will be particularly beneficial for those workers that suffer from allergies and are particularly sensitive to things like dust and the like.

Of course, hiring a maid service is possible for the typical home environment as well, and can be beneficial for the aspects of deeper cleaning that the home owners in question might just not have time to complete on a regular basis. For instance, carpet cleaning is necessary for a clean home, with up to 84% of survey respondents agreeing that this is, indeed, the case. However, only just over half of all home owners in this country follow the EPA recommendation for deep carpet cleaning and do it on a biannual basis. Hiring a maid service can help to make a clean carpet more of a reality on a regular basis.

However, it is important to look at what chemicals for cleaning are being used before you go through with hiring a maid service. Unfortunately, many chemicals and cleaning products used are highly effective for the purposes of cleaning, but are still hugely detrimental not only to the environment but to the health of the people living or working in the space in question. For instance, the data that has been gathered on the subject shows that there are frequently as many as 150 substances that have been found to be toxic and even linked to various forms of cancer in the air of our homes at any given time, making our indoor air even more polluted than the outdoor air that we breathe in.

Fortunately, eco friendly and healthy cleaning supplies have become more and more popular – and more and more accessible, for that matter – in recent years past. In fact, sales of such products has climbed considerably in recent years – by as much as 35% as of the last time that data was gathered on the subject. Many maid services are switching to such health and environmentally friendly products, and there is no doubting the fact that more and more people are interested in the use of these products than ever before, both for the home environment as well as for the office.

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