Hormone Treatment for Menopause or Infertility


The health care industry is enormous, and it can cover an equally vast variety of health issues among Americans today, ranging from broken bones to influenza to chest pain, and some hospitals or doctor’s office are more specialized than others. Some medical centers are designed with certain medical issues in mind, and hormone therapy (or hormone treatment) may be common for older women for a number of reasons. Some health clinics are in fact designed for infertility solutions, and womens health often involves finding out why she cannot conceive a child when she intends to. Assisted reproductive technology has come a long way, and today, both women and men who are trying to have a child together can visit these clinics for help and diagnose their problems. Hormone treatment may also be done as anti aging treatments, and anti aging treatments have proven popular among women who are going through menopause or who are early on their postmenopausal phase of life. It is natural for a woman to go through menopause, but anti aging treatments are a popular way to mitigate the considerable hormonal changes that she is experiencing. Women’s hormones change a lot over the course of their lives, and anti aging treatments such as estrogen replacement therapy have proven popular and effective for many patients.

Anti Aging Treatments For Women

From birth to her senior years, a woman’s hormones will change many times, often in regards to her reproductive health, although other factors of her mind and body such as her physical development and even her social and emotional sensitivity are linked to her hormones and the neurological design of the female brain. Men and women have different hormone ratios and different structures to their brains, which are natural ways to have affinities for different everyday functions. Women, in particular, are known for having much more estrogen in their brains and bodies than testosterone, which not only guides their physical changes during puberty but also affects how they think and behave. Women naturally have a higher affinity for reading body language and tone of voice in others, and during motherhood, a woman’s brain is altered chemically for nurturing.

During menopause (nine out of ten women go through this process), a woman’s estrogen levels lower, and this can change her behavior and health. During the postmenopausal phase of her life, a woman will have a lowered emotional affinity and will no longer be fertile, and many women in this time become more self-oriented. But some women are very unhappy with their natural changes, and choose to undergo estrogen and other hormonal therapy to restore their original hormone balances and amounts. Although there may be some health risks to this, such as increased blood pressure and heightened chances of developing breast cancer, a woman can visit a clinic and get anti aging treatments with professional supervision and direction. Different cases will very, but many women who choose to undergo anti aging treatment such as this report great satisfaction with the results, and they believe that the quality of their personal lives improves substantially.

Fertility Clinics

When a man-woman couple is trying to conceive a child, but cannot, one or both partners may have infertility issues that can and should be diagnosed and treated at infertility clinics. In women, the problem may be one of several issues, such as the oocyte (egg cell) failing to be delivered from the ovary and going down the fallopian tube. Other factors may include her lifestyle, such as using tobacco or harmful drugs, or even prolonged stress or even depression. In men, infertility may also be due to excessive tobacco or drug use, or it may be due to blunt trauma or radiation exposure to his testicles. Some men have a low sperm count or deformed sperm, and even though men produce sperm all their lives, the quantity and quality of a man’s sperm will lower as he ages. At a fertility clinic, solutions such as hormone treatment, surgery, or in vitro fertilization or even surrogate mothers may be used so that a couple can conceive, and among many men and women who visit fertility clinics, these methods often prove effective.

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