Seven Tips for a Better Storage Unit


As the self storage facility craze prompts the building of more self storage space all around the country, lots of people are using self storage units for storing a vehicle or for personal item storage. It’s a great idea, but how can you make the most of the space?

Take Apart Larger Items

As you work to organize your personal item storage, you’ll find it’s a lot easier when you disassemble the bigger items like shelves, beds, or tables. Not only will it fit more neatly into your space, but they’re also a lot less likely to break in storage as you shift items in and out.

Label Everything

Don’t assume that you’ll remember what’s in that box. A year after you organized your personal item storage you won’t remember. Instead, you’ll find yourself opening a half-dozen boxes, getting more and more frustrated with each wrong one. You might end up so frustrated that you won’t put it all back properly, and over time your storage space will really deteriorate. To keep this from happening, make sure every box is labeled clearly on the top and at least one side.

Make Room to Move

As you stack your boxes and put in your furniture, be sure to make a center aisle so you can move smoothly through all your stuff. Make shorter side aisles so none of your personal item storage is out of reach. Then you won’t be tripping over items as you try to get to the back, and you’ll be able to pull out everything you need when you need it.


Make sure you’ve thought about what items you’ll need regularly and what items you’ll only need occasionally. Then you’ll have seasonal items, like a kayak or Christmas decorations. Items you need regular access to should be right at the front. Organize your seasonal items to one side so you can access them when you need them but they don’t get caught up in all the other junk.

Use Uniform Boxes

It’s tempting to grab whatever boxes you can find and just cram stuff in them. The problem? Once you try to store them and stack them, you’ll regret it. Keep your boxes as uniform as possible to allow them to stack neatly.

Ditch the Plastic Bags

It seems like a cheap and easy alternative to using boxes, but in the end, those plastic bags make great mildew attractors. In addition, they’re a lot harder to open up and look through effectively than a neatly packed box.

Drain Fuel

If you’re putting any tools or similar items into your personal item storage, make sure you’ve drained out all the fuel and rubbed them down with oil. This will keep them from rusting, and the lack of fuel will keep humidity from gathering in the lines and tank and rusting them out.

Follow these tips and you’ll keep your storage unit working for you, and not against you, for as long as you have it.

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