Retirement Homes Why They Might Be Best For Your Parent


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One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make in your life is whether or not to consider a retirement home for your parent. There are several issues involved in such situations that make people feel conflicted. For one, it can be difficult to accept that your parent, the person who once cared for you, now needs someone else to tend to their own needs. For another, you may feel as if you owe your parent, and therefore should tend to them on your own. This is understandable; but there are many reasons why a person might not be able to care for their parent in their old age, and therefore just as many reason why retirement homes might be the best options in such situations. Some also don’t feel comfortable with the idea of retirement homes. Many of us don’t know what modern retirement facilities are like, imagining structures and systems that are outdated and no longer exist. In fact, retirement homes now put emphasis on the word “home”. The goal is to find a place where your parent can be cared for while feeling like a real person. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the things you should look for in an assisted living community — and for that matter, why this could be the best option for your parent.

What Kind Of People Live In Retirement Homes?

It’s not as if every older person needs to go to a retirement home. Many older people are able to care for themselves for the most part; or alternately, their need for assistance is minor enough that nearby loved ones can help them without upturning their lives. An advantage of retirement homes is that they provide professional assistance and companionship for people with a variety of needs. It’s estimated that 74% of people in retirement homes are female, and 26% male. This could be in part because, statistically, women live longer than men. Therefore, many women are left widowed and unable to live alone. Retirement homes not only assist these people in a medical sense — they also keep them from succumbing to the depression that often comes with isolation. When it comes to medical needs, over three-fourths of retirement home residents have had at least two out of the 10 most common chronic conditions. High blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease, among other dementias, were the most common conditions among those living in assisted living facilities.

What Is Life In A Retirement Home Like?

Of course, every retirement home varies. It’s important to tour a retirement home with your parent and look into reviews before choosing one. Typically, retirement homes offer 24-hour supervision with three meals a day plus snacks in a group dining room. There are usually regular activities that promote independence and a high quality of life. Some of the services involved are personal care services, health care services, medication management, social services, arrangements for transportation, laundry services, and maintenance. The residents can expect help whenever necessary. It’s believed that four out of 10 retirement home residents receive assistance with three or more daily activities. Dressing and bathing are the most commonly assisted activities. But truthfully, residents are not the only people who benefit from the relief provided by retirement homes. You will also benefit from having this importance assistance in caring for your parent.

How Will You Benefit From Your Parent Living In A Retirement Home?

In an ideal world, perhaps you would move in with your parent and care for them on your own. But many people cannot handle this. For one thing, the grown children of retirees often have families of their own. They might not have the space for their parent — and if the parent is very ill, it might not be ideal for them to live with a family that has children present. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that people with retired parents have the time to give them the care they need — they’re usually working. Ultimately, retirement homes can be best for everyone.

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