Hospice Care Makes the Comfort of a Patient a Priority


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You are finally making good on the promise you made to yourself 19 years ago. At the end of a difficult battle with cancer, your mother moved into a hospice care facility. After experiencing this type of care and the attention of some wonderful volunteers, you vowed that someday you would go back to the hospice care facility and volunteer your time.
Nearly 20 years ago, you and your sister had promised you would try to keep her at home, but the physical demands of that promise became too great. So, following the advice of a nurse who had known your mother for quite some time you contacted hospice services.
Initially, they two served your mother at home, but during the last 10 days of her life it became necessary to move her onto the floor of a hospice care facility. It was a difficult decision, but it was the right one.
You were immediately impressed with the care that your mother received. The staff was able to keep your mother comfortable and pain-free. When it became evident that the pain, in fact, may have been the only thing keeping her alive, the staff nurses informed both you and your sister that your mother may not have much longer to live.
True to their observation, your mother died peacefully in her sleep a couple of nights later.
Finding Comfort at a Hospice Care Facility Benefits the Patient and the Family
It is likely that if everyone could have their choice they would like the opportunity to leave this life peacefully in his or her sleep. And while most people indicate that they want to die at home, only one in four end up doing so. the reality is that the options we want for our end of life decisions are not always available. For patients who have been given a dire prognosis, however, family members may be able to make a decision that can feel almost like staying at home.
When in-home care is no longer feasible, many families make the decision to move their loved one into a hospice care services location. With permission to forgo extreme measures to save a life, hospice staff members can focus on keeping the patient comfortable. No more stringent rules about diet and restricted visiting hours, a hospice environment is focused on both the patient’s comfort and care, as well as the family.
Senior In Home Care Is Not an Option in all Locations
For aging parents and grandparents who live in very small towns that are a distance from a larger community, in home care is sometimes difficult to find. And while a 2014 study by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization indicated that 58.9% of hospice patients received hospice care at home, very comfortable and respectful care can also be found in senior housing centers that have an attached or cooperating hospice care facility.
Even though families may have every intent of caring for their loved ones at home, research indicates that an estimated 70% of people currently turning 65 will require long-term care at some point in their lifetime. In most cases, this long-term care will be receive care for an average of three years. Finding that perfect location for the long-term care can, however, be a challenge.
Interestingly enough, a fairly new career is centered on helping families make the best choices for their aging loved ones. Sometimes called a life transition coach these providers help families find the best solutions for every individual situation. Given a budget and understanding the kind of insurance that is available, these transition coaches can provide the best one or two options for moving a parent or grandparent out of their own home and into a care facility. Some things in life are difficult to prepare for. Finding someone who can help you make the best choices can be a move in the right direction.
Whether your family is looking at hospice care or retirement living options, many families find that facilities that provide a variety of levels of care can make future transitions easier. No move out of a long time family home is easy, but careful planning can make it better.

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