Opening Your Heart To Purple Heart Veterans And Military Families


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August 7, 2014 marked National Purple Heart Day, a day in which Americans across the nation took a moment to show their appreciation and support of Purple Heart Recipients and veterans, as well as their families. August 7 is a special day, as it commemorates the date in which the medal was first issued.

You may be wondering what is a Purple Heart in the military, and who is eligible to receive one. The military order of the Purple Heart is an honored United States military decoration given in the name of the President to those soldiers wounded or killed while serving in the military. The medal itself dates as far back 1782. To date, there are a total of 1.9 million soldiers who have received a prestigious medal from the military order of the Purple Heart.

In light of National Purple Heart Day, Americans are eager to show their unwavering support for military families and veterans by making charitable donations. There are a number of both local and national organizations that help military families and veterans, many of which have donation pick up services in order to make contributing easier than ever.

Clothing donations have become a popular way of helping military families. Not only are clothing donations are also beneficial to the environment, which is another cause many Americans also feel passionate about. In fact, 99% of all discarded clothing could have been recycled. Recycling gently used clothing significantly reduces landfill waste, as well as pollution.

However Americans decide to show their support for veterans and military families, whether it be by donating their time, money, or household items, they can feel confident that their efforts are greatly appreciated.

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