It’s Starting to Get Chilly Out There, Make Used Clothing Donations This Holiday Season


The best charities to donate to

We live in one of the most abundant countries on Earth, and so many of us want to give back, but what?s the best way? There are so many charitable organizations that are deserving, and so many people in need, from children who need clothing, to veterans? charities, families in need, and so many more. So, what are the best charities to donate to, and what?s the best way to go about donating?

The total giving in the United States, in 2014, to charitable organizations, was more then $350 billion. That?s a lot of generous donating. But it?s not just generous, it?s also smart, because smart donors donate to tax exempt groups, granted that status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. That?s right, giving can save you money at tax time. And remember, money isn?t the only thing charity organizations need: clothes, textiles, and old furniture are equally worthy, and if you?re working with a eco-charity, donations of these items can help our environment.

Every year the average U.S. citizen tosses out almost 70 pounds of clothes, linens, and other textiles. That?s 10.5 million tons of fabric being sent to landfill every year. And only about 15% of fiber waste (clothes, bedding, and other textiles) is recycled; fiber waste accounts for 5% of all municipal waste.

That is so unnecessary!

Most clothing and household textiles (almost 100%), regardless of condition or quality, can be recycled. And when fabric is recycled it doesn?t wind up in landfill! In fact, in 2006, 2.5 billion pounds of textiles were saved from landfills because people re-bought used clothing. Almost 50% of recycled clothing is worn again, giving it new life and almost 50 billion pounds of used clothing donations are made by Americans every year.

Sadly, most Americans recycle and make used clothing donations of only 15% of their old clothes, but here?s a few things to keep in mind: If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in 6 months, and you live in a one or two season climate, it is most likely time to let that item go. Americans buy twice as much clothing as they used to 20 years ago. A man’s overcoat or suit is generally worth a tax write-off of about $60. Used clothing donations will clean up your closets, give you a tax break, and give someone else a chance to give that old clothing new life.

Knowing all the good textile and used clothing donations can do for you, the environment, and your fellow man, why would you do anything else with your old clothes and linens?

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