Do You Need to Rent an Outdoor Tent for Your Next Big Event?


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It has been a long time in the planning. Four years ago when your oldest daughter started high school you made a deal with her. If she could get a full ride scholarship offer, then you promised her the party of her dreams. It’s now second semester of her senior year, and she indeed has received a full tuition room and board scholarship to college. Never one to go back on your promises, the party planning is reaching a fever pitch. While she planned the decorations, the food bars, the long guest invitation list, you work on more serious matters. And outdoor party like this will require an event tent rental to provide shade or protection during the out door festivities.

While event tent rentals were once reserved for large corporate events, they are also a perfect option for any backyard party that you may be having. Providing a classic and clean look, tent rentals are often available in a variety of colors, and also include the opportunity to rent tables, chairs, and even the dishes and serving pieces you may want.

Backyard parties and other outdoor events are becoming more and more popular. In fact, more and more people are choosing to hold their marriage ceremonies outdoors. While the sunshine is great for pictures and lighting for the background, it can often be too harsh for guests. Even tent rentals allow you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for your event, while at the same time provide a covered place for meals, speeches and outdoor dance floor rental. In the event of cooler weather, some tents actually come with side panels and portable heating elements.

In addition to providing protection from the elements event tent rentals also come in a variety of themes and colors. For instance, inspired by the ocean, sailcloth tents have rapidly become the choice of brides and special event planners across America. A sailcloth tent provides the illusion of floating on air. Their clean crisp lines and lightweight fabric give partiers the feeling of floating under a parachute. If this look is not what you have in mind for your next outdoor party, check with a wedding and party rentals coordinator to see what other ideas and options are available.

Whether you are preparing a high school graduation party for your daughter, or you are preparing to host a corporate retirement party, if an outdoor setting is your goal event tent rentals need to be one of the first steps in your plan. Once you have determined the number of guests you expect, a tent rental specialist can help you determine the size of tent you need and the other party planning steps will be on their way!

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