If You Are Looking for Quality Wood Furniture and Garden Fixtures, You Cannot Beat Amish Products


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If you are looking to buy furniture or outdoor fixtures, you cannot get better quality than products made by the Amish. They produce wood furniture and fixtures that is both beautiful and durable. Most people expect their wooden furniture to last a long time. When pressed, at least 92% of people will tell you that they think it should last them at least 15 years. The furniture and other wood items, wooden sheds for instance, made by the Amish is crafted entirely by hand. From pergolas to garages and sheds, the quality is always top notch.

There are things to think about and ways to go about buying your Amish furniture. Here are some tips to make sure you get exactly what you want.

  • Pick the kind of wood you like. The Amish furniture craftsmen use cherry, hickory, walnut, maple and oak. Take some time and look at the different kinds of woods and check out how they look with different stains. Some kinds of wood are better for certain kinds of furniture. Cedar is known for being a great moth repellent so if you are buying furniture to store clothing or other items that moths like to munch on, you may want to go with cedar. For most projects, pergolas for your garden for instance, you will really just need to find the kind of wood and stain that you think looks best with your home. If you want to match existing furniture or cabinets bring photos or swatches of what you are trying to complement.
  • Measure your space. You want to be sure that the Amish furniture you buy will fit in your home. It can take up to eight weeks to build your furniture when you go for custom, Amish pieces. Unlike when you go to your local Ikea, you will not be able to return furniture if it is the wrong size for your home. There is a saying in carpentry, “measure twice, cut once.” You should apply that to your furniture purchase. This may not be such an issue if you are looking for outdoor items like custom gazebos or pergolas but if you are buying a dining room set, it is critically important to get the right size.
  • Save money by buying full sets. It is cheaper to buy one piece of furniture but if you are going to need a full dinning room set, you will get a better deal overall when you order it all at the same time. You will also get pieces that you know will match each other. The Amish furniture crafting process is a lot different than what is used by more mainstream furniture producers. All Amish furniture and other wood products are crafted by hand. This makes all the pieces a little different. There may be variations in the pieces as a result, this is one of the reasons so many people buy wooden products made by the Amish.
  • If you can, go to the Amish stores. If you live near Amish country (there are Amish communities throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania), you should try to in person to talk to the stores and craftsmen. Some Amish communities do let you visit an Amish farm but many do not. You should be able to visit the place where your furniture or pergolas will be made. You can also buy some furniture while you are there. Keep in mind that most Amish shops are not open at night or on the weekends. Check on the hours before you make the trip. This can be a great experience for your entire family. You may find other Amish products that you will want to buy.
  • Check out local retailers and look online. If you do not live near Amish country, you can still get your pergolas. There may be stores in your area that sell Amish products. You can also find them for sale online. If you buy online, when you decide how much you want to spend, remember to factor in the cost to ship it to your home.

Do your research and you will get great Amish furniture that you will love for years to come.


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