Going to an Ibogaine Treatment Center? Prepare Yourself with These Tips


Ibogaine addiction treatment

When you exclude tobacco products, you still have 20 million Americans aged 12 and over who are addicted to something. It has been estimated that 130 million people in the United States consume alcohol regularly. Many experts feel that opiate use around the country has reached epidemic levels. Ibogaine treatment has been found to be very effective at treating addiction for a number of substances from alcohol to stimulants and opiates. It is seen as being very effective (98% effective) at reducing cravings and the symptoms that are most often associated with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. If you are tired of the roller coaster ride that is addiction, going to a ibogaine treatment center may be right for you.

Before you head off to that ibogaine treatment center, you should do some things to prepare yourself.

Take are of your heart:andnbsp;

  • Do you suffer from hypertension? If you have problems with high blood pressure and are taking medication for it, you should talk to the medical professionals if you should continue to take it. Sometimes they suggest that people who take centrally acting high blood pressure medications stop taking them. Other drugs for this condition are usually continued. If you have an episode related to your high blood pressure within three days of starting your ibogaine drug treatment, it will be postponed.

  • Do you have low blood pressure? Treatment at ibogaine clinics can lower your blood pressure and this can be a really big problem for people who already suffer from hypotension. One way to deal with this is to remain very well hydrated before you arrive at the ibogaine treatment center and for the whole time you are there. It is good to supplement your water intake with coconut water and/or other beverages that have electrolytes. If you cannot get your blood pressure to the right level, ibogaine addiction treatment may not be for you.

Get your veins ready:

If you have been using IV drugs and this has damaged your veins, you should tell the staff at the ibogaine treatment center. They may need you to have decent veins for medical reasons. They have a protocol they ask people to follow before they arrive at the ibogaine treatment center. This should be followed for at least ten days. That includes stopping the use of any IV drugs,taking two grams of vitamin C every day (this will help repair your veins) and taking one aspirin tablet every day (it helps thin your blood).

Eat good, nutritious foods and drink healthy beverages.

People who are scheduled to start an ibogaine treatment regimen, you should make sure you get eat well. This should include some vitamin and mineral supplementation. People who have been drinking too much may be low on all of the B vitamins, for instance. Thiamine and B12 should be taken as supplements. You may also want to take magnesium and potassium.

Sometimes people thing that the healthy thing to do is a cleanse or fast before going to the ibogaine treatment center, this the wrong thing to do. Your body is going to need all of the energy it can get while you are trying to stop taking drugs or drinking. Giving it the proper nutrition is more important now than ever, this is not the time to start a juice cleanse or fast.

Get mentally ready for the ibogaine treatment center.

You will experience ups and downs during your treatment. Try to stay as positive as you can. The bad feelings will pass. Going in with realistic expectations will help. If you know there will be some pretty intense feelings you will experience when you start can help you deal with them.

Consider getting medical insurance for travel.

Most people who go to ibogaine treatment centers go out of the United States for this kind of treatment. If that is you, you should think about or look at getting yourself a travel medical insurance policy. If you need any kind of medical treatment that is not offered by the ibogaine treatment center, these policies will cover that. You can talk your current insurance carrier or look online.

Take care of yourself to get the most from your ibogaine treatment.

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