Holiday Wrapping Paper for All Your Gift-Giving Needs


Wholesale holiday wrapping paper

The holidays will be here before you know it. How much wrapping paper do you have on hand? How much more do you need? If you’re planning to do some, or all, of your shopping online, you may be one of those people who still likes to wrap gifts themselves. If not, many online stores will be more than happy to wrap them for you.

Do you tend to purchase bulk wrapping paper? Wholesale holiday wrapping paper? A large order of commercial holiday wrapping paper? Or, perhaps you prefer using gift bags with colorful tissue?

Many people choose to purchase a variety of different types of wrapping paper and may even buy wholesale gift wrap. It’s nice to always have extra wrapping paper around, particularly for the holidays. In that case, by purchasing bulk Christmas wrapping paper, you know you’ll always have enough for all those last minute gifts.

Did you know that one-in-four people tend to wrap holiday gifts one or two days before giving them? Others may wrap their gifts three-to-six days before, though. One-in-four people have said that they enjoy gift wrapping because it puts them in the holiday spirit even more than the shopping did.

Do you purchase your own wrapping paper and wrap the gifts you give? Three-out-of-four adults like to do this as well. One-out-of-five adults seem to prefer using gift bags instead.

If you like to re-use and up-cycle your wrapping paper, you’re not alone. When you purchase quality holiday gift wrap and are careful when you remove it, this can be an excellent way to demonstrate environmental awareness. You can also up-cycle wrapping paper to make holiday collages or decorate your holiday scrapbooks.

A Scotch brand tapes survey found that 53% of the people they surveyed reuse gift paper. Women, however, were found to do this more often than men. The survey showed that 61% of women and 44% of men were likely to recycle their paper to wrap another gift.

Over the holidays, the average person will spend around $805 buying gifts, wrapping paper, and other festive items. Almost half of this shopping–46%–will occur online. Many people, approximately 93%, will take advantage of free shipping to send gifts to family and friends throughout the country as well as to be delivered to their homes.

Learning about holiday retail sales is often interesting. In 2014, for example, it was estimated that retail sales for that year would be $863 billion. How much was expected from e-commerce? A staggering $72.4 billion.

Just imagine all the wrapping paper needed to cover those gifts! Hallmark reported that they sell $2.9 billion worth of gift wrap, ribbon, cards, and other trimmings on an annual basis.

If you’re looking for commercial holiday wrapping paper, this, too, can be purchased online. It’s possible you may also be able to receive free shipping when you place a bulk order.

If you’re planning to give someone a Toyota Prius this holiday season, you may be interested to know that you can purchase enough commercial holiday wrapping paper to cover it. Just in case you’re curious, it will only take 34.5 seconds to unwrap this gift!

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